Porn We Love! A Special GFH Viewer Guide

Tired of not being able to find porn that “does it for you?” Whether you’re new to the world of adult films or a seasoned connoisseur, we’ve got you covered!

GFH, your favorite sex shop and education center, has partnered with the world-renown PinkLabel.TV to present a one-of-a-kind porn viewing guide and service.  Through this partnership, we aim to empower confident sex and sexuality decisions through our resources and expertise in order to bring better sex to the lives of all those who seek it.

We’ve designed this guide for all genders, sexes, and orientations who are looking for feminist and ethical adult movies that reflect sex-positive values and diversity on both sides of the camera!

When you rent a film or purchase a membership, your money directly supports the independent studios who are part of PinkLabel.TV’s network. Feel good when you support the labor of erotic artists who tell the sexual stories we want to see ourselves in. The guides below are selected to educate and inspire. Enjoy!

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Educational Adult Films

Short Films

Straight Porn



Feature Films

BIPOC porn featuring performers of color

Vintage and Classic Erotica



Gay and Male-focused Porn

Trans Porn

Kinky BDSM



Artsy Erotic Films

Documentary Adult Films

Dyke and Lesbian Porn

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15% off code: GFH