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There’s a new queer porn company and it’s taking the East Coast by storm. Foxhouse Films is a NYC-based, multigendered and polysexual queer porn collective with a penchant for dark magic, smeared lipstick, and hard fucking. F.F. goes hard femme and soft butch and blurs, defines and redefines. Refinement or rough trade both inspire lavishly fetishistic scenes and hardcore xxx rituals. We interviewed Foxhouse’s Miss Alyx to see what these foxes have to say, fresh out the gate with three short films.

How and when did Foxhouse Films get started?

Foxhouse is brand new. We only really officially formed as a studio in late April / May 2014, and the evolution has happened organically rather than from a set plan. I guess it began in December of last year. I always leave Berlin PornFilmFest inspired and came back to New York interested in developing some work that would really capture this moment in NYC and the amazing people who are a part of that for me. So I reached out to Dwane, Audrey, and Gaperiella to see if they were interested in performing and we began to sketch out some scenes based on our real life experiences together.

Fire Escape was based on a true story of how Dwane (Reade) and I first met, and it’s pretty much accurate.

The Cleaner is also based on real events since I did actually meet Audrey (Fox) when they came to apply for a cleaning job, but the development of that relationship went a little more slowly than portrayed in the film (haha). Natasha (Gornik), is one of the most genuinely pervy voyeurs I have ever met. She and I had collaborated several times before doing photographs together, but she was now becoming more interested in trying her hand at shooting some beautiful porn.

This amazing convergence of performers and voyeurs got us really excited about what we were making and by the time we shot 3 by Three we had pretty much decided to formally create a “film house,” though still not yet a studio. We created the dp ritual in 3 by Three to bring Foxhouse to life in a memorable way, and once we had all that material, I began to think about what to do with it. It didn’t really fit what I had been doing with the Miss Alyx films, so it made sense to figure out something else.

Gaperiella is one of my closest friends and we always bounce ideas off of each other anyway, so when she expressed interest in getting more involved also, it just made sense to officially organize as Foxhouse Films. It seemed that forming a studio was the best way to create a more collaborative and creative atmosphere that more people could plug into and where more unexpected things could happen.

I reached out to Dwane, Audrey, and Gaperiella to see if they were interested in performing and we began to sketch out some scenes based on our real life experiences together.


Where are you based? (And, are you currently casting?)

We’re based in New York City, and yes, we are definitely interested in meeting new talent as well as people who might be interested in helping with the production side of things. We hope to produce a lot of amazing scenes in the coming year, and to do that we need more performers as well as more people to work behind the scenes.


Is Foxhouse Films a collective? Who are its members?

Collective was the word we finally arrived at as Foxhouse moved from informal projects amongst friends to a porn “family” to a more defined vision of why we are making porn and what kind of porn Foxhouse wants to make. Collective indicates the collaborative way we develop ideas for scenes and also the fact that our studio is something that can continue to build community and evolve with a life of its own. So far, everyone participates according to their interests—some people are only involved in performing while others focus on business, camera work or production. Currently the core group is myself, Audrey, Natasha, Dwane, and Gaperiella, although a lot of other people have already been involved like artist Ingrid Staats, who created the Foxhouse logo, and a secretive musician and performer who has been around the queer scene in NYC for a long time who has been making music for our trailers under the name Dr. Zizmor.


What are the most important things to know about Foxhouse Films?

Our shoots are incredibly fun. As Dwane put it recently, “I feel most sexy and have the most fun when I’m foxing around at Foxhouse.” At the same time we want to create films that are really beautiful with meticulously crafted scenes that reflect our fetishes and obsessions. I know another thing that we share in common is a taste for hardcore xxx fucking. We like it rough, we flirt with taboos and we like to stretch limits when we perform—starting with our own. Gaperiella’s colossal cock is no joke (haha). A third thing is that we like the fact that each member of Foxhouse really defines sexy on their own terms in their own way. So far Foxhouse is an eclectic mix of hard femmes, soft butches, six-inch stilettos, colossal strap-ons, rubber and cotton, refinement and rough trade. And we love it.

Where can people go to find out more about Foxhouse?

Foxhousefilms.com is due to launch any day now and should be up and running by the time people read this! They can also follow us on twitter (@foxhousefilms) or on Facebook (facebook/foxhousefilms) for updates, specific casting calls and studio news. 

Watch Foxhouse Films Now on PinkLabel.tv


Posted July 1, 2014

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