Annie Sprinkle

The Pioneer of Sex-Positive Feminism

Annie Sprinkle is an artist, sexologist, ecosexual, author, lecturer, educator and thespian. She has been a sex worker of all sorts, a pioneering adult film director/performer and a professional photographer. She's the first porn star to have earned a Ph.D., her work is studied in universities internationally and shown at museums and galleries -- and is still going strong! Enjoy the groundbreaking work of Annie Sprinkle.

Director's Disclaimer These films were made between the years 1985 and 1998. Much of the language and cultural understanding that is now commonplace did not exist or was not widely known at the time. As such, some of these films incorporate terms or images that are culturally appropriative and/or outdated. We have chosen to present these films, preserved in their original form, as an historical document of the times in which they were made. - Annie Sprinkle