Anoushka Movies

Anoushka has worked in alternative porn since 2014, starting alongside pioneering French director Ovidie, and later pursing her own films inspired by her passion for cinema. Anoushka uses narrative, original music, and sincerity in her approach to sex scenes and likes dramatic and intimate comedies.

Gloria (2016) was inspired by her life and questioning of female orgasm. Then she dared a love thriller Blow Away (2018), which focused on sex work and trans identity. In Vivante (2020), she returned to her first love, comedy-drama about disability, sexuality, and sexual assistance. Her new dramatic comedy Captive (2021) involves A.R.T. and co-parenthood.

Anoushka addresses topical issues and defends what is important to her: sex work, disability, and sexual representation. She casts an entourage of performers who she considers her porn family and you can feel the chemistry. Strong, powerful, and inclusive, her films are an ode to pluralistic love.