Ms. Naughty’s Bright Desire

Quality Erotic Films for Women

Bright Desire is a small Australian production company working to make quality erotic films for women as well as unusual or amusing short films dealing with female sexuality. Director Ms Naughty (also known as Louise Lush) has been working as an adult webmistress since 2000. In 2003, she launched ForTheGirls, an adult site for women. She took up filmmaking in 2008 and features all her films on BrightDesire. Bright Desire aims to move beyond the cliched boundaries and limitations of most adult entertainment to create intelligent, realistic and sensual depictions of sex. Their aim to give priority to female pleasure and a woman’s point of view. They typically work with real-life couples or performers who know each other prior to shooting. Capturing intimacy, connection, laughter and genuine pleasure is what inspires their work.

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