Joseph Kramer Productions

Joseph Kramer began developing and teaching Taoist Erotic Massage classes as a safe way for queer men in the AIDS era to sexually connect with others. Because of the presence of HIV in semen, Kramer’s massage focuses on savoring the pleasures of sustained sexual arousal rather than on a happy ending.

In 1992 in collaboration with his intimate, Annie Sprinkle, Kramer began offering Taoist Erotic Massage classes to both men and women. Together Kramer and Sprinkle put the massage instruction on film - Fire on the Mountain–Male Genital Massage (1992), and Fire in the Valley–Female Genital Massage (1995). Much of Kramer's work has been producing, directing and teaching erotic touch through film. Enjoy the films, and practice again and again what you want to learn. Change how you make love.