31 Days of Horror-ny! Scary Sexy Adult Films

Craving action that will get your blood pumping? Add a little thrill to your Halloween plans with these spooky sexy films on PinkLabel.TV. You’ve heard of 31 days of horror, in which people share their October viewings. (Follow one of our favorite stars Mickey Mod as he shares his list on Instagram.) Our own spin on the tradition would be a porno version … 31 days of Horror-ny!

We’ve rounded up 31 scary sexy films from our Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Thrillers collection. Here’s our top picks this Halloween season…


Spooky Sexy Porn: A Halloween Adult Film Guide

The Breeding

In The Breeding, two friends take a detour into an abandoned building on their way home, never expecting the gut wrenching terror that waits for them inside.

Although seemingly just a make out spot for disenfranchised troublemakers, the building has been inhabited by something dark, drooling, and sinister.

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After a night out erotic hallucinations haunt Lina as her world starts to morph, and a mysterious latex-gloved, masked figure joins her in a wet and slimy power play of pleasure. Ruptured re-envisions erotically charged moments from mainstream horror through a queer pornographic lens.

Centering queer sexuality, and POC female and non-binary characters, the film subverts what would usually remain hidden, absent or cast as deviant within the genre.

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A nun discovers an ancient text which releases a love demon. Possessed by the incubus, the nun is pulled towards the pleasures of her flesh. The Madonna and whore battle within her and, as her pleasure grows, the whore looks to win.

In Possession, the difference between purity and depravity is a myth and her body’s rapture brings the nun closer to God than all the prayers could.

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After suffering a wrongful death in 1914, former US slave Marie Scott – now a vampire – got a second chance at living to gain vengeance and live forever. This type of life comes with a price and like everyone else, Marie Scott must pay.

Enactone is a glimpse into queer, erotic rituals for a yearly vampire holiday. The question is, can Marie Scott resist the most prime orgasmic blood in her quest toward becoming the next lair mistress?

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The Destroying Angel

The Destroying Angel

Acclaimed ’70s avant-garde erotic filmmaker Peter de Rome brings a balanced measure of storyline, emotion, and steamy sex to this classic gay horror-porn hybrid.

The Destroying Angel is simultaneously artful, campy, and haunting.

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A witch summons a deity and gets more than she bargained for in Profani by Pixel Aphrodite. Ganesha Gold Buffalo stars in this sexy, artistic take on ritual and divinity.

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A witch summons a deity and gets more than she bargained for in Profani by Pixel Aphrodite. Ganesha Gold Buffalo stars in this sexy, artistic take on ritual and divinity.

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Spit and AshesSpit and Ashes

Spit and Ashes reimagines the historical violence waged against women by patriarchal forces in the name of religion, medicine and family. Through a series of erotic and brutal rituals these women come together to reclaim their bodies and prepare for the fight ahead.

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🕷🕸  A night performance of Cascuit, with June Fontaine and Ada Ties, Cobwebs by Vespéral Films plays (gently) on the themes of abduction and disorientation with ropes, snails, breath, and knife play. (Headphones recommended!) 🎧)

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BFF, Naked, and Afraid

Two best friends disappeared in the woods while shooting erotic films. After a night of ghost stories by the campfire, Parts and Ginny climb into bed. Parts awakes to find Ginny gone!

In searching for their friend, will Parts succumb to the psycho-sexual terrors of the NorthEastern forest? Find out in BFF, Naked, and Afraid

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A young man knows the power in the dark box of hell, he knows that if he can decipher it, will open and let out the evil inside. The Succubus will appear, a female demon, exciting, morbid, and thirsty for sex.

Do you really know how far this demon is able to get through sex in a claustrophobic atmosphere?

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Forrest and Mysti gargle down a mysterious potion inside of an abandoned haunted house in Brooklyn. The serum infiltrates their brains causing campy, surrealistic hallucinations of creatures who don’t make their escape easy.

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The Beastmaster

Trans male performer Ron Beastly is the werewolf, a wild, growling beast captured in chains. Professional dominant and tantra teacher Seani Love is the Beastmaster, the wizard determined to tame the magical beast and use his powers for sorcery. Faced with snarling and snapping a-plenty, Seani has to employ floggers, whips, and fists to subdue the beast and bind him to his will.

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Experiment  H21

In an alien medical room, two extra-terrestrial nurses perform experiments on their patient. Experiment H21 explores sci-fi and medical fetishes.

The film has a soundtrack that will remind you of the X-Files. The colors, alien nurse costumes, and alien medical bay set design will captivate your erotic imagination.

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Murder Mystery

A tongue-in-cheek (and other places!) homage to Noir and everyone’s favorite Murder Mysteries.

Think Knives Out or Clue… with lots of hot sex, “killer” retro style, and the world’s most self-aware wise-cracking’ narrator-guy. Simply the bee’s fucking knees.

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ORGY #002 Taste for Flesh

Corey teaches pearl-clutching queers how to have a good time… but gets a little More than they bargained for. Sensuously demonstrating tricks of the trade, Corey entices a tough crowd with top-notch toys. Things start to heat up, and Mahx Capacity, Shay Knox, Chloe Venom, and Parts Authority strip down to participate in some hands-on learning. Parts, hungry for More, draws them into a ravenous gang-bang, and the students grope, punch, and fuck their erstwhile teacher. Erupting into a wild orgy, the group grows insatiable. These babes can’t take just one bite…

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City On Fire // The Wolf

It began on dark, soulless streets. A relentless neon jungle turned upside down by shattered dreams and lingering ghosts of a guilty past. Forced together by a single act of fate, strangers April Flores and Ramses Rodstein become entangled BDSM players in this high-intensity Hollywood role-play.

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“He gazed into the mirror and was consumed by it.”

With the strange and captivating gay classic Falconhead, director Michael Zen draws from a deep well of symbol and myth to create an electrifying erotic experience, seriously and artistically attempting to bring grandeur, beauty, and complexity to the blue movie. Several men become seduced by their own reflections in a magical mirror and lured into in a sinister fantasy realm presided over by a fearsome bird-headed man with supernatural powers, with aid from several possibly-nefarious strangers. Autoerotic, duo, and trio sexual scenarios unfold, full of power play, bondage, and intensity. A rare treat for every lover of unusual erotica!

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Fremde Zone

A young self-confident woman finds herself in an old storehouse at the edge of Berlin. Out of the dark a man with a soft voice appears, pulls a knife at her throat and overwhelms her. A stunning display of power, sex and submission begins and it is not clear who is in charge. Somehow, a third party seems to be part of the play…

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We love to experiment with oral sex and partial mummification. Inspired of the world of comics and the music videos, we want to offer another perspective of sex and porn.

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Ladies of the Night (Les Vampyres)

Ladies of the Night – Les Vampyres, is the story of a school girl captured by vamps to be tortured until dawn. She is taken underground to be flogged, paddled, and caned with increasing intensity as sunrise approaches.

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Lucifer Leather Lust

This fantabulous fetish scene tells the story of Dame Damiana, a 19th century baroness who loses her husband Bartholomew to the 1819 plague, then makes a deal with the devil in order to bring him back to life!

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Tape Loop

A tape containing mysterious orders leads to a one-woman BDSM session…

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The Flesh

THE FLESH (La Carne) is a romantic black comedy about a divorced piano player named Paolo (Sergio Castellitto) who meets and falls in love with a most beauteously busty woman (bombshell Francesca Dellera), who uses her special powers to turn the man into her sex slave.

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The Last Night

“We were two dark souls, feared by all. Some considered us gods. Others called us monsters. We do not regret anything, but at the same time this darkness has been invading what little remains of our hearts. Tired of wandering a world where in the end only we were left, we decided to put an end to this absurd immortal life. Today will be our last night. Today will be our last evening together.”

A thrilling romance by Beyond’s Irina Vega and Adrian Mur.

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The MultiVerse in a MouthFuck

While not horror per se, The MultiVerse in a MouthFuck takes viewers on a ferocious metaphysical trip of self-awareness, from the seven principles of Hermeticism to the seven keys to master our lives, and leave our heads spinning!

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Vampire Sisters

Fetish superstars and BDSM performers Anastasia Pierce and Ariel X team up together as the Vampire Sisters in Maria Beatty’s new breathtakingly luscious erotic noire.

The film opens with a slow erotic entrance by Anastasia Pierce, who has come to resuscitate her beautiful submissive vampire sister who has made a dreadful mistake…

This Maria Beatty fan favorite is action-packed with spanking rituals, flogging, cropping, and wax play with extreme doses of succulent orgasmic climaxes! Anastasia Pierce and Ariel X’s lust for each other is eternal.

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As You Wish My Lady

“My Lady likes a dark space underground, we’ve all spent time there but none of us know the way. We wait for her inside ourselves, touching each other maybe. She first appears as clacking boots and crushed fig leaves on a stairway, then the boots slacken until still. She’s probably deciding, or maybe she’s done it days ago. I hold my breath, and hope.”

Masterful photographer and videographer Jo Pollux takes viewers deep inside a Berlin dungeon with visuals so visceral, you’ll think you’re there.

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Ellia and Dario Matters are a couple of modern vampires. Ellia is much older than Dario, in fact she is his creator. She can’t stand the present world anymore and decided that they would live in reclusion, far from this civilization that she deeply despises.

Dario is younger, a little more than 200 years old, he still has an ardor which pushes him to make strange and exciting dreams. He would like to be able to go out, to party and to let his impulses dictate his nightly excursions. But Ellia refuses to live this life of wasted resources and doesn’t want to drink humans anymore.

The couple is quite bored, locked up at home, counting the hours until night. Until the day when a young girl from the city rings at their door and brings them a breath of fresh air…

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DykedDown Halloween Double Feature

Join Nikki Hearts on Hallows’ Eve when she Dykes Down her booty call, Kendra Spade, who arrives in an unforgettable costume.

Followed by Halloween Night, when a mysterious woman, Charlotte Sartre, arrives at the door, demanding anal in this festival double-feature.

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