2022 San Francisco PornFilmFestival Announces Official Selections

The San Francisco PornFilmFestival returns!

The third annual San Francisco PornFilmFestival returns with a new and exciting curation of films showcasing the creativity and craft of adult-oriented filmmaking from the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

Taking place August 24-27, 2022, the event features in-person programming at the Brava Theater in San Francisco’s historic Mission District, where it will broadcast live to online audiences around the world. Additional online-only curations and simulcast streaming is powered by indie adult streaming platform, PinkLabel.TV.

The festivals’ featured films span classics to contemporary, including Fred Halsted’s 1974 “L.A. Plays Itself” to kick off the Online Opening Film Showcase, while Gene Graham’s contemporary documentary on Black America through the the underground world of exotic dancing in “This One’s For the Ladies” shines as the festival’s Closing Night Film.

The vibrant and sex-positive history of Bay Area is showcased through selections including “Submission Possible: San Francisco,” in which erotic artist Madison Young reunites with the vibrant chosen family and community of sexual luminaries, misfits, artists, kinksters, and activists such as Annie Sprinkle, Elizabeth Stephens, Midori, and Cleo DuBois. “Raw! Uncut! Video!” chronicles the rise and fall of homegrown gay porn studio Palm Drive Video, and explores how a devoted couple helped battle a devastating health crisis by promoting kinky sex. Contemporary Bay Area works include “Chaac and Yum” by filmmaker Roberto Fatal and performers Xav S-F and Snowflake Calvert (Daniel Arizmendi), “L’Ingrediente Principale” by Isis Tatiana Hockenos and Haley Myer, “East Bay Brats 4” by the East Bay Brats, “Transform” by Domina Mara, and “Eternal Flame” by collaborative duo BeyonDeep. Organizers were thrilled to see an increase in submissions by Bay Area filmmakers.

A collection of over 70 titles span experimental to documentary genres, each pushing the definitions of film that explores topics of sexuality. The festival has announced their official selections, as follows below.

Brava Theater

2022 San Francisco PornFilmFestival
Official Selections

 A Sex Worker’s Story 2 – Marcus Quillan
After Matter Come Energy By OF Manifesto – Lisa Lapierre, Nour Beetch
At Dagger’s drawn – Ann Antidote, Notorische Ruhestörung
At least I’ve been outside – Jan Soldat
Atomic Wednesday – Morgana Mayer
autoerotic – b. Persei
Bang Click Bang – Paulita Pappel, Rod Wyler
Bliss – Nat Portnoy
Blood, Sweat, & Tears – Ashley Paige
Blue (sky) Movie – Werther Germondari, Maria Laura Spagnoli
CAPTIVE – Anoushka
Chaac + Yum – Roberto Fatal, XAV S-F
Charles Lum: This Is Where I Get Off – Charles Lum, Todd Verow
Club Cuck – Fivestar
Cocoon – Domina Mara
Collage Dream – Antone
Corporeality – Marcus Quillan
Dance.Destroy.Create. – Marcus Quillan
Dentate – Pequeno Marginal, hiperlinque
Die Rose – Jan Soldat
Dildo Riot – Maria Katsikadakou, Nikos Chantzis
Dirty Boots – Adam Baran
Dolly & the Beast – Diego Tigrotto
East Bay Brats 4 – East Bay Brats
Elaion – Dwam
Endzeit Berlin – Toni Karat
Erwin – Jan Soldat
Estallar – Blanca ReyGal
Eternal Flame – Beyondeep Productions
Finding Zen – Bryan Camillo
Fucking Giulio – Morgana Mayer
FUDLIAKS! Tear the sexes apart! – Jasmin Hagendorfer
GAY*WATCH BERLIN – Gina Burner, Hanna Schaich
Getting High on my Own Sperm – Shiri Feingold
Glimpse – Charlie Forde
GODASSES – Part I: Puscle Mussy – Emre Busse
GODASSES – Part III: Jamal Phoenix – Emre Busse
Grace. – abcde Flash
GU04 -Peter Strickland
Hey Sailor, Hey Sister – mtv-tch
Hold – Marit Östberg
ICE CREAM – Mihriban Tandogan
L’Ingrediente Principale – Isis Tatiana Hockenos, Haley Myer
La Maleta – Torri Lisek
LA Plays Itself – Fred Halsted
Latifúndio – Érica Sarmet
Leather Doll – Mahx Capacity
LUMILUST – Josefa Jensch
Merci Madame Manon – Manon Praline
MostlyPics House – Vanniall
My Element Water – Swen Brandy Carnivore
Nectar of the Sublime – Deike Schwarz
Nylon – Nat Portnoy
PISS OFF X – Henry Baker
Raw! Uncut! Video! – Ryan White, Alex Clausen
Reflect. Connect. Rebuild. – Saira Barbaric, Alistair Fyrn
Restless – Urvashi
Rise & Shine – Mahx Capacity
Romi y Sami – Denise Queen, Edu Ropes
Scultura – Miss Mara
Shearling – Cam Damage
Sleepover Gangbang – Mahx Capacity
Submission Possible: San Francisco – Madison Young
The Holey Grail – Ethan Folk, Ty Wardwell
The Listener – Lidia Ravviso
This One’s for the Ladies – Gene Graham
Thomas Outside – Thomas
Transform – Domina Mara
Valentine Au Derriere – Inka Winter
VÊNUS EM GLITTER – Alexandre Medeiros
WOW That’s What I Call Cumshow – Volume 1 – Vanniall
Youtube Spanking (Spank, Like, and Subscribe) – Pandora Blake

Follow the festival on Twitter and Instagram (@SF_PFF), or visit SFPFF.PinkLabel.TV to join the newsletter and receive updates and announcements direct to your inbox.

San Francisco PornFilmFestival

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