Top 21 Adult Film Highlights of 2021

2021 saw a record-breaking number of titles added to PinkLabel.TV. We expanded our classics collection with rare digital remasters. Contemporary titles showed a clever approach to COVID-safe productions. If you missed a film festival this year, here is your chance to catch the best movies you may have missed. Among these are favorites from the San Francisco PornFilmFestival and other adult and erotic film festivals around the world.

This list is hardly the tip of the iceberg when it comes to representing over three-hundred newly added movies to our platform. While we shine a spotlight on these outstanding new titles, be sure to check out our Recently Added section to browse additional films that are ALL worth a view! And join our newsletter for weekly announcements of new releases. Without further ado, here are our highlights of new and exclusive films on PinkLabel.TV this year.

The Classics

LA Plays Itself

LA Plays Itself

Shot with an underground art aesthetic of dramatic shadows and non-synchronous sound, Fred Halsted’s LA Plays Itself, about two sexual drifters, captured the raw underbelly of 1970s Los Angeles as few films ever have. Digitally Remastered by MoMA. Also check out SEXTOOL and The Sex Garage, part of LA Plays Itself: The Fred Halsted Collection (1972-1975).

Watch LA Plays Itself


Equation to an Unknown

Equation to an Unknown

This long-lost masterpiece of gay erotic cinema centers on a handsome young stud who rides his motorcycle through myriad of sexual encounters, from a soccer game’s locker room to a dreamy and unsettling orgy where the film reaches its melancholic peak.

Newly scanned in 2K from the original camera negative and directed with absolute grace by the mysterious Dietrich de Velsa (aka Francis Savel/Frantz Salieri), this former painter was also the owner and artistic director of one of the first transvestites’ cabaret of Paris, La Grande Eugène. Years later, he collaborated with Joseph Losey on Mr. Klein and Don Giovanni. EQUATION TO AN UNKNOWN (Équation à un inconnu) is his only film and stands without a doubt as a masterpiece and the best French gay adult film ever made.

In French with English Subtitles.

“The most melancholic porn film I’ve ever seen.”
– Yann Gonzalez (Knife+Heart)

Watch Equation to an Unknown


Blue Movie

Blue Movie

The most sensational Dutch taboo film of all time!

After five years in prison, an ex-con returns to a society where total sexual freedom is now the norm. Michael (Frank & Eva’s Hugo Metsers) yearns for sex, and becomes fascinated by the amorous life of an attractive woman next door (Business Is Business’s Carry Tefsen), eventually organizing a series of sordid orgies with her and the neighbors… Blue Movie was the most controversial and talked about Dutch film upon theatrical release – a sensation that brought millions of visitors to cinemas.

Produced by Pim de la Parra (Frank & Eva, Obsessions), and directed by his partner Wim Verstappen, Blue Movie was a breakthrough commercial hit for their company Scorpio Films – and the start of the Golden Years of Dutch cinema, also known as the “Dutch Sex Wave.”

Presented by Cult Epics for first time ever in High-definition on Blu-Ray & DVD – and featuring cinematography by Jan De Bont (Turkish Delight, Private Lessons, Basic Instinct) – now see for yourself what all the commotion was about!

Dutch with English subtitles.

Watch Blue Movie


My Nights with Susan, Sandra, Olga & Julie

My Nights with Susan, Sandra, Olga & Julie

The Erotic Four Play

Susan (Frank & Eva’s Willeke Van Ammelrooy) lives in an idyllic farmhouse, along with the sex-loving youngsters Sandra, Olga and Julie, and the unstable voyeur Albert. A number of killings take place by the sex-vampires, the allegations however, go out to Piet (Flodder’s Nelly Frijda), the crazy woman on the other side of the ditch. A young craftsman, Anton (Hans van der Gragt), visits and gets surprised by the dangerous ladies.

My Nights with Susan, Sandra, Olga & Julie was the last of Scorpio’s “Dutch Sex Wave” productions, directed by auteur filmmaker Pim de la Parra, masterfully shot in Techniscope by Marc Felperlaan (The Lift, The Northeners), featuring the last score by composer Elisabeth Lutyens (known for Hammer films and Amicus Productions), and with a screenplay co-credited to Harry Kumel (Daughters of Darkness). Stay in and have night out with these ladies of seduction.

Dutch with English Dubbing.

A featured PinkLabel.TV Live film!

Watch My Nights with Susan, Sandra, Olga & Julie


The Flesh

The Flesh

THE FLESH (La Carne) is a romantic black comedy about a divorced piano player named Paolo (Sergio Castellitto) who meets and falls in love with a most beauteously busty woman (bombshell Francesca Dellera), who uses her special powers to turn the man into her sex slave.

The film depicts the oftentimes torturous nature of carnal desire and the erotic power of women in a cinematic work where Francesca becomes a symbolic representation of male desire, with her voluptuous figure and sex appeal being intoxicating to Paolo. While he is completely taken by his desire for Francesca, she eventually gets bored with him and decides to leave. Unfortunately for Francesca, Paolo loves her and has no intention of allowing her to go. Francesca Dellera was once named in real-life, “the most beautiful woman in the world.” She began her career with Tinto Brass’ Capriccio, but it was not until her role in La Carne, when premiered at Cannes, that she received international acclaim.

Directed by Italian maestro Marco Ferreri, best known for such classics as Tales of Ordinary Madness and Le Grand Bouffe, THE FLESH is presented by Cult Epics for the first time in High-definition.

Italian with English Closed Captions.

Watch The Flesh


PO Box Tinto Brass

PO Box Tinto Brass

Letters containing real stories of women’s erotic adventures are subsequently transformed into short sex vignettes.

Italian director Tinto Brass is known as a master of erotica, creator of works such as PAPRIKA. His gift of portraying the beauty of the female body has made him celebrated by men and women alike. And it is precisely the latter category that sends him boxes full of fan letters.

P.O. BOX TINTO BRASS is a collection of those letters, photos, and videos of female sexual fantasies. This erotic comedy by the Maestro himself, with a score by Riz Ortolani, contains a succession of exciting, downright sensational and sometimes even shocking material.

Also check out Paprika and ISTINTOBRASS

Italian with English dubbing.

Watch PO Box Tinto Brass


M.A.G.I.C. (Meet a Genie Into Color)

M.A.G.I.C. (Meet a Genie Into Color)

This creative and entertaining video from the great Black Forest Productions is narrated and hosted like a game show about a genie who satisfies sexual fantasies on his magic bed, live before a studio audience. Members of the audience (amusingly heard, in voice-over, giving periodic commentary on the proceedings) vie for their chance to be sucked, get fucked, or do the fucking in paired, threeway, and fourway sex scenes, which are passionate, captured in great closeups, and accompanied by original music by Xstacy. Popular ’80s/’90s star, muscleman Gene Lamar (sometimes also credited as Gene LeMar), stars as the genie in one of his very first screen appearances, and appears to his lucky contestants in a construction uniform and leather gear!

Also check out more from BIJOU, Wanted: Billy the Kidd.

Watch M.A.G.I.C. (Meet a Genie Into Color)


Lost 70's Loops

Lost 70’s Loops

Alpha Blue Archives has restored these lost 70s Gay Porn loops. Silent clips feature men from gay porn’s Golden Era. These early 1970s silent porn loops were recently discovered from “Crest” lab which went out of business many years ago.

All the compilations have sound which is ambient projector “white noise” to recreate the impression of an original adult arcade where customers would feed quarters into the slot (this noise is also at the beginning of each loop).

Watch Lost 70’s Loops


New to Us

Cruising Elsewhere

Cruising Elsewhere

Whatever happened to Wohler Beach? Oral histories and spectral pornography resurrect memories of a once legendary gay beach in Ryan A. White’s docu-erotica short on the popular male cruising spot.

Official Selection of the San Francisco PornFilmFestival and “BEST SEX” Winner at the 2021 Hump! Film Fest.

“Best Documentary Short” Cinekink 2018, “Best Short Film” Tampa Bay International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival 2017, Official Selection BFI Flare 2017 and Frameline 2017, among others.

Watch Cruising Elsewhere


EEG Orgy

EEG Orgy

While having their brainwaves monitored by a EEG machine, 6 cuties take turns as the center of this queer orgy. This educational porn weaves knowledge of brain hemispheres, waves, and lobes while highlighting the passion between these beautiful performers.

Also check out Pulse Porn, which focuses on the heartbeat!

Official Selection at the 2021 PornFilmFestival Berlin and 2021 San Francisco PornFilmFestival!
Watch EEG Orgy

Porn Warriors

Porn Warriors

“If there is a war it has to be porn!”

Porn warriors deals with sexual energies as a war mindset. The motto and mindset is based on porn relationship to make this fight a glorification of Queer Sex! Writer, Filmmaker, and Performance Artist Nicky Miller creates queer stories, fictions, and poetry using experimental forms of filmmaking. By exploring sexual identities, Nicky helps us escape from society with queer content that breaks from today’s social structures and morals, with images representing non-normative sexual practices as a political existence.
Official Selection at the Fringe Queer Film Festival London, Official Selection Pornceptuel, and more!

Also check out Oh! Socks! and Happy Valentine Day!
Watch Porn Warriors


Dirty Boots

Dirty Boots

This music video for Holopaw’s “Dirty Boots” follows a sexually-charged day in the life of a gay biker gang in Brooklyn. They awake in a tangle of leather, then suit up and ride to an underground sex club to initiate new members. Boundaries are pushed, but the boys find love, family and the unexpected.

Official Selection at 2014 Outfest: Los Angeles & NewFest, 2014 Mix Copenhagen, 2014 PopPorn Festival (Sao Paolo, Brazil), 2016 QUEERSICHT Filmfestival, 2014 Inside Out Film Festival and many others.
Watch Dirty Boots


The Chemo Darkroom

The Chemo Darkroom

Sex, pain, the unknown. The Chemo Darkroom is a ritual film about recovering the sexual self after chemotherapy. All proceeds from this film go directly to the Cancer Care Collective at Casa Kuà. Read our spotlight interview with director and star Harvey Rabbit.

Official Selection at 2019 London PornFilmFestival,  2019 IKFF HAmburg, 2019 Fish ‘n’ Chips Erotica Festival, 2019 Hacker Porn Film Festival, 2019 London Porn Film Festival, 2020 Athens PornFilmFestival, and 2018 Shorts Competition Nominee Berlin Porn FilmFestival, among many others.
Watch The Chemo Darkroom




Rodolfa and Maria Antonieta, two latin sex workers with a deep passion for spliffs and trap music, hang around all day at their workplace: a magic garden at an abandoned airport ground in Berlin. When their colleague Asunción suddenly appears with the corpse of a dead client, they discover how easily sexual desire can cross the borders between the living and the deceased.

A tragicomedy that explores ideas never touched before… “Because death really suits some people well!”

“Best Comedic Film” 2018 Toronto International Porn Film Festival, “No Border no Gender Special Mention”, 2018 Hacker porn Film Festival, “The Jack Smith Award” 2019 Chicago Underground Film Festival, “Audience Choice” 2019 Leeds Queer Film Festival (London), Official Selection Hot Bits Film Festival, among many others!
German with English Subtitles.
Watch Piedad



TOO MUCH PUSSY! Feminist Sluts in the QueerXShow

Every time we fuck, we win! Seven women take on a performance art tour through the famous night clubs and theaters of Europe, in this sex-positive road movie by French adult filmmaker Emilie Jouvet. They are activists, artists, writers, musicians, sex-workers and porn stars, of various sexual (dis)orientations and gender expressions.

In this explicit documentary, Jouvet shows it all: their wild adventures, the intimate connections and the inevitable tensions evolving between each other, their sexual encounters with the locals and their lives between pornography and art, performance and reality, personal and political.

For a more uncensored version, Much More Pussy, and check out Emilie’s award-winning short film, The Apple starring Wendy Delorme.
World Premiere 2010 Paris LGBT Film Festival, Winner 2011 PorYes Feminist Porn Film Awards, Winner 2010 One + One Award – Belfort Entrevues IFF, Nominee 2010 Grand Prize Chéries-Chéris, Best LGBT Film 2011 Cannes Independent Film Festival, Best Documentary, 2011 Reelout Queer Film + Video Festival, and many more.

Watch TOO MUCH PUSSY! Feminist Sluts in the QueerXShow

Sex & the Silver Gays

Sex & the Silver Gays

Sex & The Silver Gays tells the idiosyncratic story of the randy NYC chapter of a national elder gay men’s organization. Amidst their flurry of elderly activities, the members also actively participate in monthly sex parties. These octogenarian orgiasts invite us to their intimate gatherings, explicitly illustrate their carnal activities, and explain to us who they are, their own shared histories, and what it means to their lives to share joyful, consensual sexual celebrations together for a long as may be possible. A great lesson for us all!

Also check out Age of Consent, The End of Cruising, Leave Blank, and other titles by Bangor Films.

In memory of Charles Lum, who passed away this year.

“Best Feature Documentary” 2017 CineKink Film Festival
Watch Sex & the Silver Gays

White Fur

White Fur

The award-winning WHITE FUR is a delightfully strange puppy play romp through an overgrown former skate park and lot in the lower bottoms, West Oakland.

Originally created as a response to a call for films for Periwinkle Cinema’s HANKY CODE ANTHOLOGY, collaborators Nikki Silver and Carnegie Velvet chose white fur as their hanky color, representing puppy play. What they created is as much a commentary on race, ability, the power dynamics of service as a kink, as it is a speculative fiction musing on a day in the life of a Black, urban, disabled Princess Mononoke and her beloved wolf pups.

Winner of the Judges’ Pick Award with the East Bay Xpress and Best Short Award at the Toronto International Porn Festival.

Watch White Fur

The Bedroom

The Bedroom

The second explicit feature from award-winning feminist erotic filmmaker Anna Brownfield has something for everybody; straight, gay, lesbian and queer. Set in one bedroom over six decades, The Bedroom explores the exciting changes to sex through the ages. Come behind the close doors of an Australian bedroom, where you will be tantalized, titillated and might even learn something along the way.

Winner of “Best Director” Toronto International Porn Awards and Opening Night Selection at the PornFilmFestival Berlin.

PinkLabel.TV is proud to host Poison Apple’s catalogue. Check out Anna Brownfield’s other films such as The Band, Wicked Women, and No Butter.


Watch The Bedroom


Fucking Different XXX

Fucking Different XXX

Eight prominent international filmmakers got together to present the “other” sex and their erotic adventures. Each director brings their own personal touch to diverse locations around the world: in New York, Berlin, Paris and San Francisco. Directed by Maria Beatty, Bruce LaBruce, Jürgen Brüning, Emilie Jouvet, Manuela Kay, Kristian Petersen, Courtney Trouble, and Todd Verow.

The conceptual “Fucking Different” series, produced and curated by Kristian Petersen, is about equalities, differences and clichés in the queer community. It intends to break stereotypes, create confusion, and celebrate diversity.

Official Selection of the Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival, Chéries-Chéris, and Queer Lisboa.


Watch Fucking Different XXX and Fucking Different XXY


Sex School Hub

Sex School Hub

Sex School is committed to normalizing the right to access honest, unbiased sex education resources. They believe in the importance of creating resources that are accurate and trustworthy. Knowledge is delivered in ways that are approachable, relatable and that celebrate diversity as a fundamental value for a healthy, pleasurable, true to oneself sex life. Directed by Poppy Sanchez and produced by Anarella Martínez-Madrid.

Check out Squirting 101, Porn 101, and Consent.

Watch Sex School Hub



The title track from CORPS’ 2018 album, À CORPS is a NSFW cut out motion graphics trip into the retro 70s land of better homes and sexual desires which lurk dangerously close to the surface by Temple Caché Director Yoann Stehr.

Official selection of the 2020 San Francisco PornFilmFestival!



The New Comers

Urban Smut

Urban Smut

Five young filmmakers teamed up to put their daydreams on film. Urban Smut takes us directly into the pulsing heart of Berlin’s erotic life. We follow a sad, young man through the streets and take part in his voyeurism, dive into a capturing wrestling match in an underground bunker and watch a special gift delivered in a factory hall. From a kinky ritual in a dark basement to cruising on a sunlit rooftop – these five short films show us erotic encounters outside of the bedroom.

Opening Movie Pornfilmfestival Berlin 2020, and Official selection of the 2021 San Francisco PornFilmFestival!

Watch Urban Smut


2 or 3 things I like about him

2 or 3 things I like about him

“2 or 3 things I like about him” is an attempt to create a subjective gaze at a professional porn set. Contrasting the proximal POVs of performers Jamal Phoenix and Billy Vega with an at times tableau-vivant-like outside perspective, it oscillates between intimacy and distance.

“Best Porn Short” at Luststreifen and Official Selection of the San Francisco PornFilmFestival, PornFilmFestival Berlin, Athens PornFilmFestival, among others.
Watch 2 or 3 things I like about him




Mistress Katie Kinako teamed up with TROUBLEfilms to release a queer BDSM film with fistfuls of sexual rewards. Axel and Yoshi bottom for Mistresses Hinako and Kinako with abandon, and the domestic location confines the storyline to an intimacy that creeps into your skin as the viewer witnesses the domination go down.

The powerful Mistresses Hinako and Kinako got their puppets Yoshi and Axel tied and ready. Shibari, torture, fisting… A Japanese tale where tradition meets debauchery and pain grows into delight.

Japanese with English Subtitles.

Official Selection of the San Francisco PornFilmFestival.

Watch Tatami


Snack Time

Snack Time

Snack Time’ is a mota-haze journey through a lovers tranz narrated by Chicago based multimedia artist, AmeThyzt.

This erotic short is the second episode of the ongoing series, All You Can Eat, a collaborative film series project between House of Huitlacooch and Sarita’s Pleasure Pie Shop. (Be sure to catch their first film Nueve Lenguas.) The series highlights the diversity of ways that food, land, and sex connect us to community and collective healing.

Official Selection of the San Francisco PornFilmFestival and BEDDED III.

Watch Snack Time




After a night out erotic hallucinations haunt Lina as her world starts to morph, and a mysterious latex-gloved, masked figure joins her in a wet and slimy power play of pleasure.

Ruptured re-envisions erotically charged moments from mainstream horror through a queer pornographic lens. Centering queer sexuality, and POC female and non-binary characters, the film subverts what would usually remain hidden, absent or cast as deviant within the genre.

Official Selection of the San Francisco PornFilmFestival and “Best Short Film Award” Nominee at the PornFilmFestival Berlin.



Bang Click Bang

Bang Click Bang

Inspired by the sexploitation films of Russ Meyers and Michelangelo Antonioni’s Blow Up (1966), HardWerk’s latest gang bang is a slow burning subversion of cinematic tropes that finds the carnal in the camp and the sumptuous in the sleaze. For her first ever gang bang and first facial on film, lead performer Maria Riot and the filmmakers reimagined the figure of the bossy (and generally male) photographer with a much-needed shift on the gender axis, so allowing Maria to take the lead in quite literally staging her own fantasy.

Here, the line between object, subject and artist can become blurred; men in all their exaggerated machismo can become eager playthings, and the directive cannot go unheeded: look at me.

Also of note are the studio’s other films like sci-fi fantasy HOLOGANG and project series ASK ME and Triptychon. Watch them all at HardWerk Pictures.

This month’s New Release!

Watch Bang Click Bang


Menage A Trois

Ménage A Trois

In her dream Kira is joined by Demi and Rob for a sensual and passionate ménage à trois.

A festival and fan favorite by ForPlay Films director Inka Winter

Official Selection of the San Francisco PornFilmFestival and “BEST SEX” Winner at the 2021 Hump! Film Fest.

Watch Ménage A Trois


Black Sex Magic

Black Sex Magic

Black Sex Magic is an entrancing BDSM film that mixes rough impact with sensual romance guided by music, thunder, and flames. Enter this portal of bondage, flogging, face-sitting, and finger-fucking goodness to be transported into BEYONDEEP’s sex magic ritual! This festival and fan favorite is a collaboration by partners K & G.

Official Selection 2021 San Francisco PornFilmFestival, 2021 Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project, NewFest LGBTQ+ Film Festival, and more.

Watch Black Sex Magic


All of Me

All of Me

Melinah is a sex worker, camgirl and activist with cerebral palsy, this short intimate documentary explores her work, philosophy, and the intersections of her identity.

Official Selection 2021 SECS Fest, 2021 PornFilmFestival Berlin, 2021 San Francisco PornFilmFestival, 2021 Athens PornFilmFestival, and more!

Watch All of Me


The Receiver

The Receiver

While COVID times pushes us to redefine relationships and desires, Salty Chéri and Manon Praline decided to play consciously with the power dynamics between filmmaker and performer.

Salty set up three blind dates for Manon, with clearly defined boundaries. However, being uninformed about her partners or what would happen, Manon had to let go of expectations.

Official Selection 2021 SECS Fest, 2021 San Francisco PornFilmFestival, 2021 PornFilmFestival Berlin, 2021 Athens PornFilmFestival, and more!

Also check out Merci Madame Manon.

Watch The Receiver


Hole Theory

Hole Theory

“The hole is not the entry nor the exit–it is the infinite interior, the space which cannot be Seen, only Felt.”

Hole expert Ashely Paige (she/her) and expert hole Corey More (they/them) star in this visceral meditation on the gloriousness of holes. With interdimensional illustrations by Oona Taper and sound design by Paleo Pony aka Jonah Rosenberg, Hole Theory explores the cosmic unknowability of that which engulfs. “Holes are the original time travel. You come out more yourself than you were when you entered: rearranged, holy, new. Holes make you whole.” Trust us. We know holes.

“Best Short Film” 2021 GOLDEN RAINCOAT AWARD WINNER, Official Selection 2021 SECS Fest, 2021 San Francisco PornFilmFestival, 2021 PornFilmFestival Berlin, Copenhagen MIX Festival, Vienna PornFilmFestival, and more!
Check out other film releases Hard at Work, Another Beautiful Creature, Breathless, and more from the AORTA Films collection.
Watch Hole Theory


Perfect Pig

Perfect Pig

The pandemic has been hard on everyone. It’s been a new challenge for kinky porn stars who are left figuring out new ways to safely make smut, and explore kink at the same time.

Mistress Bella Vendetta finds Herself missing her connection with longtime costar, submissive and award winning star of The Training of Poe, Chelsea Poe. Bella decides COVID is no excuse to not find creative new ways to humiliate and play with Chelsea.

For WEEKS, Bella and Chelsea communicated by sending packages, love letters, toys, and assignments back and forth via emails, DM’s, cam shows, and good old fashioned snail mail. After training Chelsea how to become the perfect little piggy for Bella’s amusement, a group video chat is organized with guest Dommes Martine Phoenix and Amazon Maddox.

All the Dominas take turns ordering Chelsea around and having her perform humiliating and dehumanizing tasks while they laugh and coo. Chelsea is such a good little pass-around-pig that she is allowed to fuck herself and make herself cum while everyone watches.

This scene was filmed in front of a live audience and broadcast on the web for all to see. A beautiful piece of cinema showing sex worker’s ability to adapt, and a snapshot of how we make porn during a pandemic.

“Best Short Film” 2021 GOLDEN RAINCOAT AWARD WINNER, Official Selection 2021 SECS Fest, 2021 San Francisco PornFilmFestival, 2021 PornFilmFestival Berlin, Copenhagen MIX Festival, Vienna PornFilmFestival, and more!
Watch Perfect Pig




Sexting is a scene idea that has been around in my head for a few years. I wanted to recreate a situation in which two people (or more) have a real sexting session, totally improvised, but authentically recorded. This idea was postponed for the time that it was taking me to think about the best technique to be able to simultaneously shoot the performers, in addition to close-ups, the text and the photos that are sent to each other… all these elements make sense now, when shooting porn in times of pandemic is quite a challenge.

After almost a year of canceling and postponing shootings, I have decided to give the porn I usually shoot a spin and turn the idea of ​​Sexting, which at the beginning was a single scene, into a series in which performers can enjoy sex without contact and at the same time represent a practice that is as daily as it is usual but very little represented in porn. Now, together with Adrian Mur, one of the directors I collaborate with, we have made this idea come true. Each of us records each of the Sexting participants, even though we are many miles apart, to later unify all the captured content of the virtual encounter in a highly visual and exciting scene. I shot Adrian in Alicante and simultaneously Adrian shot Kinky in Barcelona. It was a delight to do this experiment, I hope you enjoy it as much as all of us who carried out it.
Watch Sexting


Letting Go

Letting Go

Two genderqueer lovers engage in a kinky ritual of closure. They bid farewell to Finn’s boobs. “Letting Go” is a sensual portrait of the last play session before his top surgery.

Official Selection 2021 SECS Fest, 2021 San Francisco PornFilmFestival, 2021 PornFilmFestival Berlin, and more!
Watch Letting Go


Endzeit Berlin

Endzeit Berlin

Corona Apocalypse Berlin.

Lonely queers cruise through Kreuzberg and Neukölln, rattling at the doors of closed-down bars and clubs, and even have to flee from the police for violating SARS-CoV-2 infection protection regulations! And the shoot for the campy sex scene in a Kreuzberg parking garage was also quite exciting, as the actions did not go unnoticed by some of the inhabitants of the neighboring high-rise.

The film is accompanied by Toni Karat’s grim and breathless soundtrack and the latest post-punk release by R Talin.

Official Selection Porny Days Filmkunstfestival, Zurich, Thessaloniki International G.L.A.D. Film Festival, Pornfilmfestival Berlin, and more
Watch Endzeit Berlin




Tormenta Cósmica plays the obedient while Aló gives what this naughty woman wants: slaps and the permission to cum.

Also check out festival favorite, Exhibitionists.
Watch Daisies


Leather Butches of Bushwick

Leather Butches of Bushwick

In this T4T heart-stopper, leather daddy Francisco puts new cummer leather boy toy Coyote to good use in a queer leathersex ceremony. Later on, Coyote replies in kind. Boot worship, spanking, big clits, and hitachi orgasms!

Also check out Mondo Versailles
Watch Leather Butches of Bushwick




Estela lives her confinement in solitude and trapped in the routine, her life lacks emotion and adrenaline. This film invites us to explore Estela’s fantasies, to identify with her and her desire for a passionate and wayward encounter in the midst of a pandemic. She wants to fly for a while and explode with pleasure.

This film is about solitude in lockdown and the desire that we all have and the sex and excitement we all lack.

Also check out Atardecer
Watch Estallar


La Limpia

La Limpia

Two queer non-binary mexican brujxs, Ramses Rodstein and La Muxer Diosa, come together to do ritual together in honor of Santa Muerte. Ramses performs a limpia and cord cutting ritual on La Muxer Diosa and a wax play infused ritual before ending up in a sexy red lit energy exchange of abundant intentions.

Official Selection, 2021 San Francisco PornFilmFestival

This extended version includes bonus scenes!

Watch La Limpia




Inspired by an erotic short story of the same name by Anaïs Nin, this story opens with our title character enjoying some self-care. reading erotica, she lets her imagination take over, as we hear her thoughts in voiceover (performed by Nat).

Dream meshes with reality as we follow her passionate act of self-love in front of a large ornate mirror. Soon her lover arrives home. They voyeuristically and tacitly become part of the ritual, taking control whilst gradually and playfully indulging their shared desires.

Read our Filmmaker Spotlight with Thousand Faces director Marcus Quillan!

Official Selection, 2021 San Francisco PornFilmFestival.

Also check out: 9 at a Distance and Human Time.
Watch Mathilde


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