Adult Film Festival Associates

Pink and White Productions extends its services available through PinkLabel.TV to associated film festivals. These services include, but not limited to:

Print Traffic Network
A system which connects the contacts for individual films or curates complete programs for other festivals.

Live-Broadcast Programming
Live streaming of festival programs. An introduction and hosted Q&A can be prerecorded or live, depending on time zone. The stream can be hosted within a protected page on PinkLabel.TV or a White Label site customized to your website design.

We can block a specific region from accessing the content. This is helpful if a festival would like their program only available in the UK, or Europe, or North America, etc. This option can be stipulated in the contract.

Viewer Stats
We can provide general viewer stats including views per program, views during live-stream, geographic location, language, device used to watch, etc. Note: this information is general only. We do not share specific personal information.

Online Promotion
Festival Calendar/ NewsletterListings on International Adult Film Events Calendar, in Filmmaker Newsletter, promotion in social media and press list.

Credit Card Processing (‘Ticket’ sales)
Festivals may choose to use their own ticketing system. If needed, we can provide payment processing for online screenings. A 15% fee is required from sales to cover processing. The remaining amount is paid to the festival.

Contact us for more information.