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Happy Anal Sex Day! April 18th celebrates anal sex in all its forms… rimming (also known as analingus, which involves oral contact including licking, sucking, and kissing), and penetration with fingers, cocks, butt plugs, and strap-ons! Our short guide lists fun anal flicks on PinkLabel.TV to provide inspiration and entertainment on this special occasion.

Fun Anal Sex Films

The Holey GrailThe Holey Grail

It’s trial by goblet for this horny cup-bearer on his first day. Madame is thirsty and he’d better not spill a drop!

Golden Raincoat Awards “Best Short Film” and audience favorite at festivals around the world, including HUMP! Film Festival, San Francisco PornFilmFestival, SECS Fest and more.

Look for: humor, clever butt plug designs

PossessionGODASSES III – Jamal Phoenix

For the final installment in his GODASSES trilogy, Emre Busse conspires with trans porn talent Jamal Phoenix to redefine the desirable body outside of a hegemonic society’s normative restrictions and, because of the specific relationship that pornographic images have to their audience, fuck with a viewer’s assumed self-assurance as being a coherent sexual subject. Even the bodies of spectators that do not identify as gay might be moved upon encountering the scopophilic richness of Jamal Phoenix’ trans male body in action with other men: the body might move in ways that the mind did not anticipate. As a result of this disordering, or the apparent dissonance between mind and body that one possibly experiences, the genitals ultimately take off from binary sexed bodies and are merely immersed in a collective pursuit oriented towards the intensification of pleasure.

Look for: butt plug, talk about sex and gender, close-ups

CrashPad 262: Eryka Ohms and Tina HornCrashPad 262: Eryka Ohms and Tina Horn

Tina Horn fills Erykah Ohms up

An ohm is a measure of electrical resistance, but Erykah Ohms is highly receptive. After Tina Horn pumps Erykah up with an inflatable toy, she slides an exceptionally long plug up their butt. Limits are explored and Erykah takes Tina’s hand until they’re the fullest they’ve ever felt. Ohms is riding high, but the energy is flowing smooth.

Look for: inflatable butt plug, affirmative consent during sex



The spotlight is on Cammy in this kaleidoscopic film, deforming conventional prostate play into something bizarre and beautiful — encouraging viewers to creatively experiment with their own self-pleasure.

An audience favorite at screenings in Vienna, Athens, and the Exposed 24hr Film Festival.

Look for: creative and experimental filmmaking, prostate play, self pleasure


Ciel has been walking his sexual path for years, truly exploring every corner of it along the way. He has decided to share with us his experience of squirting as a person with a penis and prostate – and the sex machine that gets him there.

GUSH is a short docu-porn showcases his ability and gives him a chance to talk about the incredible paths that he has found thanks to sex positivity, openness, and a willingness to explore.

Look for: interview, prostate play, sex machines, squirting

Bend Over BoyfriendBend Over Boyfriend

A sex ed classic, Bend Over Boyfriend was the first sex instruction video all about women giving men anal pleasure. The film celebrates its 25th Anniversary this year!

Ever want to learn about anal sex for men? Want great orgasms, renewed intimacy and sexy romance?
In Bend Over Boyfriend, sex educators Carol Queen and Robert Morgan guide you step by step, showing you how to have anal sex and spice up your sex life. Laced with humor and common sense, Bend Over Boyfriend is perfect for any couple wanting to explore new sexual territory and discover the secrets of anal sex that lead to ecstasy.

Look for: interview, education, strap-on sex

Fuck BunniesFuck Bunnies

Vivi Marie is a feral Spring hare hopping over hills and rocks in the park on Sunday. Meanwhile on the other side of the Internet, Sal Marquez idly watches videos in the comfort of his own body. A hole in spacetime spreads open wide, bringing these two queers together for sugary sweet perverted fun.

Look for: cute connection, strap-on sex, anal fisting, analingus


Hungry for more? Browse our Anal tag for even more films to explore!

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