BONUS HOLE BOYS: FTM gay hardcore porn with cis men and trans guys

Bonus Hole Boys: The Casting Couch Gay FTM porn

BONUS HOLE BOYS launches on PinkLabel.tv with The Casting Couch staring Mickey Mod and Cyd St. Vincent. Watch their performer interview and read our interview with co-creators Cyd St. Vincent and Ex Libris.

BONUS HOLE BOYS brings steamy FTM gay hardcore with cis men and trans guys enjoying each others bodies. Porn star Cyd St. Vincent searches for gorgeous men built with an extra hole and matches them up with cis men to explore fantasies, role plays, cruising, daddy/boy, bondage, gang bangs, and BDSM. Stars often enjoy hot pumping, cock sucking, rimming, edging, double-penetration, ejaculation, and fisting.

How does adding Bonus Hole Boys to PinkLabel.tv help your future plans?

Ex Libris: PinkLabel.tv really levels the playing field for porn start ups like BONUS HOLE BOYS. We are creative perverts first and foremost, so we wanted to concentrate on shooting the FTM gay porn of our dreams with trans and cis male models that are excited about the content. Selling our work on PinkLabel.tv gives us the flexibility to do that without having to locate massive start up funds and shoot on a weekly update schedule for a subscription.

Why is it important to have cis/trans gay porn?

Cyd St. Vincent: I, for one, want to fuck cis guys, and it was really difficult to do when there was little representation of what that looked like. Buck Angel was paving the way, but since I’m not a cigar smoking cowboy, I didn’t have many models of what gay sex would look like between me and a cis guy. There is a huge hunger for these images, we get tons of messages from trans guys and cis guys who are so excited for a straight up gay porn company that shows FTM bodies.

Ex: I think it important to have cis/trans gay porn because A LOT of people want it and the field is still relatively small. Porn is art that intentionally produces orgasms and education. It is our hope that cis men and trans men who are interested in sleeping together will enjoy our porn as an informative elaboration on their own fantasies and will experience some destigmatization of their desires watching our performer interviews.The orgasms are probably a given.

Who were your inspirations to help you create BONUS HOLE BOYS?

Ex: To name a few, Barbara Degenevieve of ssspread.com, who was the first queer pornographer I wrote papers about in college and then audited a course with in Chicago.

Shine Louise Houston has been a huge inspiration and support, and I have been in conversation with Shine for years about diversifying the queer porn field to include more genres and producers with micro loans, profit share, and VOD structures. We could not have started BONUS HOLE BOYS without her advice, guidance, and support.

The idea of BONUS HOLE BOYS was originally conceived of with Billy Castro, but by the time Billy stopped performing Cyd St. Vincent and I were so excited about BONUS HOLE BOYS that we continued with the idea. Billy and I both worked for years in the mainstream porn industry while performing in the queer porn scene, so it was a natural progression for us to want to put queer production ethics and performers into a mainstream gay porn menagerie. Cyd St. Vincent is a brilliant performer and pervert and I couldn’t ask for a better business partner or source of inspiration.

Cyd and I are both fans of 70’s gay porn, and a lot of the way that we shoot is based on trying to capture that aesthetic of nasty gay sex with a camaraderie present between performers, that is especially found in, for example Joe Gage’s films. That love for vintage gay porn in combination the emergence of trans mens bodies into the collective sexual imagination through the queer porn industry’s growth created the space for BONUS HOLE BOYS to exist.

What were some of the hottest/funnest moments in the videos?

Cyd: It is dangerous shooting porn that you really enjoy, so many times I have to pick my jaw of the floor because what is happening in front of me is so goddamn hot. Watching Connor Maguire slam into Gino, holding him up against the gym shower wall was especially one of those moments, public sex cruising is such a huge fantasy among trans men we know.

We recently shot a frat boy hazing scene to fulfill a fantasy of Kipp Slingers, with Christian Wilde, Sebastian Keys and myself. Kipp had anal sex for the first time ever in his life, and then followed it up moments later with double penetration. That mixed with crotch-to-crotch pushups, ball licking through a glass table, and the ‘ookie cookie’ ending made this scene the porn that I could get stuck on a desert island with.

Ex: The third shoot we ever did was with my partner of 6 years, Gino Genet. It is exceptionally difficult to direct your own partner in porn and stay focused. It was so hot seeing him get in on with Connor Maguire I might have blacked out halfway through the shoot and my body just shot the rest. Luckily Cyd was there to direct.

We got to work with James Darling in our second shoot, which was lovely because Cyd and I have known James for years, and we all grew up together as baby gays in the Bay Area queer porn scene. To have him agree to shoot with us was such a compliment given his success with FTM fuckers. We shot him in a Daddy/Boy scene with the extremely talented Allen Silver, who really should be everyone’s Daddy — the chemistry between them was incredible.

Watch BONUS HOLE BOYS’ The Casting Couch.

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