DIRECTORS CHAIR: de-railed spins surrealist (bike) education with Creamy Coconut

Creamy Coconut’s Irina answers our spotlight interview about her collaboration in de-railed, a collaboration between Quinn Cassidy and Creamy Coconut.

How did de-railed come to be? How did the idea originate? 

“de-railed” came to be when Poppy Cox contacted Quinn about making a clip for Bike Smut film festival. He and I agreed to team up, brainstormed over homemade dinner and dessert, and laughed a ton about the absurdity of what we were about to make.

I insisted that the clip be an accurate tutorial, as funny as possible, and Quinn was totally onboard with my ideas.

At some point there was a phone call to ask Poppy… “Hey, we were thinking it would be funny if…oh yay, you’re excited about impromptu cock-sucking.” Quinn then wrote the screenplay and kept the production on point. Quinn, Rev and Poppy set up  and decorated the shoot location, which was a warehouse with a giant bicycle powered ferris wheel in the backyard. We shot the film in a day and I set out to edit most of it. I went through the footage and made a long rough draft, then Quinn and I sat down at my house and laughed a bunch more while we memorized the entire movie and fine-tuned the final draft. My roommates were mostly amused.

It took a few choices to get the right sound effect for Poppy’s popping Sebastian’s dick out of her mouth and of course, the ropes of cum from Sebastian’s cock were carefully cut to create as much visual effect as possible.


How did you cast for the film? Are there any philosophies you have behind casting/performing methods? 

Quinn originally wanted to cast a bike mechanic named Jesse Sparkles and his hot boy friend Joey Utah. Unfortunately Jesse Sparkles was not in town for the shoot date, and so Sebastian Keys was a lovely choice. Sebastian did have to learn bicycle language for this film. We found it really hot that both men in this film have ginger hair, are of similar builds, and have nearly matching tattoos. The two were cast largely for their attraction to one another. Poppy Cox was cast on short notice, at the last minute, because I begged for there to be a pansexual element with one of my beloved “blowjob under desk while someone does their work” scenario. You’ll see more of this fetish in my productions.

Quinn and I are both “right on” about consent, hardcore, an enthusiasm. There is a huge focus on negotiation and safety and natural, real sex. That being said, the kinkier the better.


Where has de-railed screened?

de-railed” has been screened around the world by Bike Smut Film Festival and was a Cinekink selection and award winner in 2014. We recently received a screener request from Mardi Gras Film Festival in Australia and are planning to submit to the Berlin PornFilmFest in Germany.


Was there anything the filming of de-railed taught you about directing/collaborating, shooting porn, sex, etc? 

Yes! It was brilliant collaborating on the plot and bouncing ideas off each other. I am always stoked to watch people have sex because it teaches me stuff that I didn’t necessarily know before, from new sex positions (spinning a bicycle while tied up can make the anal sphincter flex and pulsate, yes?), to consent methods and examples (various ways that porn talent negotiate an how people ask for what they want) to minor yet major details, such as breathing patterns and orgasmic reactions. It’s pretty validating on both a personal and professional level to have that trust from people in their most intimate states. In the production, I honed my skills in color-correcting for two different cameras, sound mixing, slating, and how to make a moving image that was born out of a yummy dinner and a laughing brainstorm, to a screenplay, to a wonderful directed shoot, to a concise, festival ready film.


Read Quinn Cassidy’s Interview, and watch de-railed on PinkLabel.tv.

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