Filmmaker in Focus: BE:smut with Hunter S. Johnson

PornClub’s Filmmaker Spotlight series returns with another intriguing peek behind the curtains of adult cinema. We had the pleasure of sitting down with a filmmaker who brings a unique blend of intensity, creativity, and a healthy dose of humor to the screen. Hunter S. Johnson is the hardcore director of a bold new bestselling film that dives deep into the complex dynamics of… roommates! Get ready for a candid conversation with a filmmaker who isn’t afraid to push boundaries and tickle your funny bone, all while exploring the depths of human desire within the close quarters of shared living.

Filmmaker Spotlight: BE:Smut with Hunter S. Johnson

Which came first: the studio or the film? Please tell us about the origins of BE:smut, and how your debut film I Kinda, Sorta, Maybe… Fucked My Roommate came to be!

It’s hard to narrate an origin story when it’s very much still unfolding. However, the concept of BE:smut as a studio has been brewing in my mind since I moved to Berlin in 2016 to be a part of the indie porn scene. I knew I’d need to meet a few prerequisites before launching a label: building my skills as a filmmaker, saving up enough money for a production, and overcoming my debilitating artistic anxiety. Eventually, I figured that achieving 1/3 of these goals wasn’t too bad, and decided… let’s make some smut. I adore comedy in all its forms, and I’ve always believed that a good laugh is an integral part of my sexuality. I find laughter crucial for breaking down barriers and creating a comfortable space for people to explore their sexuality. These have been some of my defining goals since I started working in the porn industry in 2010, and I’m pleased to have finally found a way to express them.

I Kinda, Sorta, Maybe… Fucked My Roommate is the product of a night out with Romeo, who plays himself in the film. During a late night hang, he shared his recent… interactions with his roommate. I was so amused that I joked about making a movie of it. The next morning, I couldn’t shake the idea, so I set up a meeting to interview him and his real-life roommate for a story. Over drinks, I listened to them recount in great detail how sexual tension had built up over the years, culminating in a series of fun sexual encounters. While I dramatized the story quite a bit to add more comedy, many of the stories and lines are direct quotes from their real-life accounts. The most true-to-life moment is at the end when my character leaves the apartment and the two roommates, turned on from sharing their stories, have sex again—which absolutely happened after I left their storytelling session.


How did you cast the film? Had you worked with Miss Flora and Romeo before?

I’ve known Romeo since we met on an XConfessions set in Barcelona years ago; he has been a dear friend ever since. Flo and I have mixed in the same social circles for a long time, we had met but never had the chance to work together until this film. Romeo had mentioned that he and Flo had been discussing on Instagram their intention to “practice” and “create content” together, I sensed that their chemistry would be electric. I feel fortunate to have worked with such dedicated and talented individuals; memorizing the lines and performing the script well was no small feat, but their passion and attention to detail impressed me. I’m constantly grateful for such caring friends with whom I get to create cool stuff.


Is this your first self-produced film? What made it possible?

This was indeed my first independent film. I’m still figuring out how I pulled it off. Mostly, I think it was possible due to a supportive network of creative friends and an adopted family who helped me through. It takes a tremendous amount of willpower and passion to realize any project, and for a self-produced one, that’s often just the starting point. Originally, I wasn’t supposed to act in the film, only direct. But on the morning of the shoot, the actor cast for the “Hunter” role dropped out, which was something of a significant setback. As I considered alternatives, I realized that I could trust my team to help me overcome this dilemma by stepping into the role myself, and splitting my attention between directing and acting. I trusted my team to make brilliant creative decisions, which they did beautifully.


What advice would you give to other adult film creators who are starting out?

My advice to other adult film creators starting out is to build a network of friends and an adopted family you can trust to have your back when you’re ready to take the creative leap. We’re only as strong as the community around us, and I’ve been fortunate to be supported by an incredible group of people who have helped me reach where I am.
What films or filmmakers (adult or not) inspire you? 

In 2013, I started camming on Chaturbate, and while researching how to cam, I became enamored with the works of Vex Ashley and Erika Lust that I discovered on the then-horny Tumblr (R.I.P.). Their fusion of cinematography and pornography inspired my creative journey, ultimately leading me to relocate to Berlin. Here, I met filmmakers like Theo Meow and Paulita Pappel, who were instrumental in helping me develop my functional skillset.

After directing my first film for Erika Lust, I wanted to solidify my understanding of the basics and attended a course by Shine Louise Houston at the PornFilmFestival Berlin. That experience gave me the courage to embrace my mistakes and learn from them. I’m fortunate to have been influenced by filmmakers with unique and remarkable visions, as they helped me find my voice.

What’s next for BE:smut? Are you seeking collaborators? How can people follow your work or get in touch with you?

The horizon is wide open! I’m currently developing a film titled “Lust and Hate at the End of the World” — apparently I have a thing for lengthy titles. I’ll be filming in Berlin and am always on the lookout for wonderful collaborators. If you’re interested in getting in touch, please don’t hesitate to contact me at huntersjohnsonxxx@gmail.com or via Instagram at @hunters_johnson.

Thank you Hunter for a slip behind BE:smut! Watch I Kinda, Sorta, Maybe… Fucked My Roommate streaming on PinkLabel.TV.

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