Porn powerhouses Jet Setting Jasmine and King Noire are the proverbial triple threat: producing, directing, and performing for their award-winning adult film company, Royal Fetish Films. They are also educators, entertainers, and most recently, designers of their own line of sex toys and kink gear. There truly is nothing this couple cannot do!

Their films offer a stunning depiction of kink with a focus on chemistry and consent, and showcases Black performers with beauty and respect — and a refreshingly wide breadth of sexuality.

Royal Fetish Films has debuted on PinkLabel.TV, presenting a trio of kinky films: double date dominance in Fuck Furniture, a sensual lesbian pregnant Goddess worship in Goddess Ritual, and a sexy dominating threesome (complete with a spectacular breast milk facial) in Seen, Not Heard, an Official Selection at the San Francisco PornFilmFestival.

Learn more about the glory of Royal Fetish Films in our special filmmaker spotlight.

Filmmaker Spotlight: Royal Fetish Reigns High

How did Royal Fetish Films begin and how has it evolved?

Royal Fetish Films began in 2011 as a response to our Fetish Training and Fantasy Flight Party clients’ call for adult films that represented their likeness and depth of their fantasies. This was already on the mind of owners, King Noire and Jet Setting Jasmine, who also knew the porn industry fell short of presenting the full range of people of color in film. Royal Fetish Films is King and Jasmine’s solution to fulfilling the gap in the adult industry which often negates the directorial lens of womxn and people of color, the diverse representation of kink and fetishes without fetishizing the people themselves, and showcasing the full spectrum of sex when Decolonized!

Royal Fetish Films has evolved along with its performers and cinematographers! We have steadily invested over the years in equipment, education, and staff. We have broadened the types of sex acts, orientations, and expressions; as more professionals have desired to work alongside us.


The chemistry and connection in your films is palpable. How do you decide what to film? Are the films reflected or informed by your lives — particularly as polyamorous, kinky lovers and as educators?

We are definitely a performer directed film company. We work in collaboration with all performers, director(s), videographer and production assistant to create the scenes that everyone on set is going to feel great to be a part of. Many of our colleagues come to us and say, I like to do XYZ but I am always casted for ABC; so you can pretty much guess we are going to create XYZ. While role play and acting are definitely a huge part of creating fantasy for film; there has to be a real desire to bring that fantasy to life for us to unanimously agree on what is going to be captured. Yes, an example of the films being a reflection of our lives include creating Fetish Training scenarios, Kinky Coaching sessions, and Sapiosexual series. These are all things we offer as part of our work as sex educators and professional kinksters. It is also important to us that the ways we enjoy and know our clients are turned on by sex is represented in our films, so a lot of true to life content is in there!

Black-owned businesses are still too rare, especially in the porn industry. What advice would you give to other Black creators seeking adult filmmaking opportunities?

You are necessary, so move forward with your plan to exist! We have heard so many times that people of color don’t consume or purchase porn the same way white folx do; or that there is enough porn with POCs, and it is some of the best-selling content. While it may be selling wildly, is it monolithic? Does it give tokenism vibes? Are the people producing, directing, and styling also POCs? Your Black-owned business will be able to address many gaps necessary to create an entire service industry in front, and behind the camera, so please keep pushing. Also, remember the opportunity is already there, and the audience is ready and waiting.

Photo: Jasmine and King join Dillon Diaz and Jake Waters in Fuck Furniture


What do you hope your studio brings to PinkLabel.TV and why are you excited to be part of the platform?

We are beyond excited to work with a company “whose films challenged conventional expectations of what ‘porn’ looks like”; this perfectly aligns with our mission, and we want our films to be in the best company ever!

Thank you for saying so. We are elated to present your films! Besides Royal Fetish Films, what other projects are you working on or have coming out next?

We are working on expanding our toy line of the King Mold, Queens Command Insertables & Edging Bands (available in Braille), Jasmine Garden Penetrable, Layers of Lust Harness, and a beautiful line of Impact Play Toys.


Photo: Jasmine and King with a caged LivRevamped in Seen, Not Heard.


Thank you so much to Jasmine and King for sharing your work with us. Watch Royal Fetish Films on PinkLabel.TV. Find more about their work at RoyalFetishXXX.com. You can follow Jet Setting Jasmine at @JetSetJasmine on Instagram and Twitter, and King Noire at @Therealkingnoire on Instagram and @KingNoire on Twitter. Please continue to support Black artists and Black-owned businesses. Let’s bring porn to the people, with beautiful and powerful visions of kinky sexuality!

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