FTM FUCKER: a film review

FTM Fucker Film Review

Reposted with permission from KoKo Hotbus (@misstrgendered) on Fancy Gendered.

I had the distinct pleasure of getting a review copy of the new FTMFucker film from James Darling.

The most exciting feature of this film by far was for me that it was almost 2 hrs of a broad diversity of gender presentations, bodies and approaches to sexy times. Since watching it and talking about it with friends and dates, that’s probably been the thing that I have raved about the most.

I’m not someone who watches a lot of porn online, but as I have been venturing into the field I have been doing some market research. Typically I look for images and videos that involve bodies that look like me and the people that I like to fuck. I like to look for sex that involves the things that are important to the sex that I like to have. I really like porn where it looks like the performers are down to do whatever it is that they are doing. This is helped by demonstrated spoken consent, or audible negotiations of non-consent. There are ways that this can be done well, and much of the “feminist porn” I have found and enjoyed has really excelled at this. The scenes in this film did a varying degree of hitting the mark on this for me. If you are a consent-o-phile and like the porn you watch to be super clear with negotiations and such, you may want to read further into my scene by scene breakdown for evaluations of how well they rate.

As a radio producer, DJ, and amateur audiophile, I found the sound in this film to also have a varying degree of enjoyment and annoyance. I often will add a separate soundtrack to porn indulgences, but I wanted to take in this film as it was made. Some of the scenes in this film had music, some didn’t, others had a well suited soundtrack of ambient environmental sound. Particular sound scape things I took note of appear in my scene by scene breakdowns, not all scenes warranted notes in this category.

I would recommend this film, both to trans folks who want to see more positive representation of people who might look like them and to everyone else. I think that for folks who haven’t had the pleasure of sexual experiences like the ones featured herein, but you’ve thought about it, this film might give you something to explore in your private masturbatory time or in those times when you may want to bring film based fantasies into your relationships. Serious points to James Darling and all the performers for creating content where trans bodies are seen, featured, respected and shown as how hot they can be.

So all that said, here’s my thoughts on each specific and unique scene. I really want to write on each of them separately because they are all very different from each other.



This solo scene shows Dieselboi, a sexy straight post op trans man strip down and pump his cock, massage his balls, and jerk himself off. This scene is long for a solo (15 min), he comes a lot, and really seems to be enjoying himself. There was a strange technical buzzing noise behind the super cheesey music that reminded me of old school late night cable porn. The camera work is steady and has a good balance of shots that highlight the spectacular babeliness that is Deiselboi’s hot body and the looks on his face as he comes and comes. I hadn’t ever watched or interacted with post-op cocks like Deiselboi’s in action, and I really enjoyed seeing all he could do with it. If for nothing else this scene deserves some screen time from you to show you how hot a transman enjoying his body with all it’s surgically enhanced glory can really be.

Kipp Slinger + Robin LaLonde:

Kipp Slingers’ bravado and douchey-macho attitude at the start of this scene was pretty boner kill for me; he occupied a space that reminded me of TV’s dads of the 1950’s who come home and want a drink and a sandwich and a subservient wife. Luckily, I wasn’t the only one who saw this way of being as problematic and due for review. Robin Lalonde addresses the problem by dosing him, tying him up and locking him in a cage. When he comes to she points out the ways that his treatment has been off the mark and gives him a chance to make up for misdoings. Their dialogue was mediocre but the sex that followed was pretty hot. I felt a bit like the power play stuff could’ve extended a bit further, with Robin’s character extending her vengence further and Kipp displaying a more believable “change” in the ways that he would treat Robin and other women.

Some of the details of the sex that really stood out to me, were the ways that Kipp’s FTM body and Robin’s MTF body interacted. I really enjoyed seeing Robin fuck Kipp with a strap-on, and thought that their bodies and genders were both presented in super genuine and respectful ways.


Jacques LeFemme + Puck Goodfellow:

Firstly, I want to start by saying that Jacques LeFemme is the porn performer who resembles (from what I have seen thus far) my own gender presentation, body type and woo-ey tendencies. This in itself was pretty exciting for me and I wanted to acknowledge that bias in my perspectives on this scene. I invited one of my dates to watch this scene with me, she was similarly excited about seeing a femme, tattooed, trans person reading tarot in a “warm dungeon” looking room. He is on screen solo for a bit, writhing around on the floor and the very slippery looking bed. Before long, Puck Goodfellow sneaks onto the scene, masked and carrying a wand/cane/impact device. As they interact with each other, their dynamic is visually demonstrated to be one that involves some power play, lots of fun and passionate care. I really like the way that this scene involved gloves built into Puck’s costume and included pauses to reach for lube and put on gloves. This type of real-time barrier and safer sex practice is really great to see and I think does a service to making safer sex something people think of as hot. I was super impressed by Puck Goodfellow’s muscular strength, seriously, check out what this guy can do with his legs. He holds Jacques up on his squatting thighs like it ain’t no thing while they fuck and fuck. These guys fuck really well together and for creative, woo-ey, ftm on ftm athletic fucking good times, this scene really delivered.

The Hitchhiker – with Owen Gray + Fritz Von Fuckup:

This was one of the scenes that really missed the mark for me on consent integration. The conversation in the lead-up could have easily given Fritz Von Fuckup’s character a bit more agency or control, but it didn’t. I totally get that for some people, the idea of a hitch hiking ride feeling you up and then taking you off the back road to bone in exchange for gas money is a legit fantasy. People stress and worry about such scenarios and making it hot is a way of easing that, but for me, as a person who has had sketchy hitch hiking situations, this scenario was too far of a stretch into trauma zone, without the clear consent negotiation I would need to engage with it from a secure feeling place. I skipped through parts of this scene because of the power imbalance favouring Owens’ character (the driver) and the squick that it gave me. Once they get further into fucking this scene is real hot and they both look like they are having a fun time. I would love to see these two performers work together again in a way where they can work their chemistry in a different scenario that I might feel more in to.


Jules + Lucian:

This urban rooftop scene has one of the most enjoyable soundscapes of the scenes in this collection. It sounds like they filmed early in the morning and there are birds singing behind their sex noises. It was a little bit strange the ways that transitions between activities seemed to happen in this scene with little to no verbal or explicit non-verbal cues, most peculiar was the making out –> boot licking without any conversation. Again, this is a big deal for me, I get turned on by consent conversations, so the lack of dialogue left me feeling more unsure and less turned on. The boot licking was hot, and was followed by lots more hot action between these to two performers. Jules appeared to be having a really good time through out the scene and Lucian seemed to sort of go in and out of being excited about what was happening. Their bodies were super hot and they really knew how to pleasure each other. The scene had all manner of urban charm, fucking on the edge of a rooftop ledge was exceptionally hot for me. The visual busy-ness of some of the graffiti decorated surfaces were a bit distracting, but luckily these guys held my attention with the ways they got each other off.

I want to extend gratitude again to James and all the performers for actively working to create erotic images and videos that reflect the lives, bodies, desires and sexualities of folks on the ftm/transmasculine spectrum. Thanks for giving me a chance to check out this film, I will definitely refer folks to FTM Fucker Volume 1, and the website, when they are looking for this type of content.

Watch FTM Fucker Volume 1 or scenes from FTM Fucker.

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