Inaugural London PornFilmFestival launches!

Inspired by Berlin PornFilmFestival, organizers from Wotever World got together and created London PornFilmFestival. 2017 marks its first screening, and we hope there will be many years to come. (Fun fact: the Berlin PornFilmFestival also inspired Shine Louise Houston to launch PinkLabel.tv, an online home for some of these one-of-a-kind erotic and adult films. So, many thanks to the curators and volunteers of the Berlin PornFilmFestival — look what you’ve started!)

The London PornFilmFestival features primarily European short films from the UK as well as US, Brazil, Australia, Italy, France, Denmark, Germany, Chile and Spain. We hope they’ll continue to see submissions from around the world. (Just this year, Chinese filmmaker Fan Popo screened the first feminist queer porn film from mainland China at Cinekink!)

Several short films from PinkLabel.tv, including: Shine Louise Houston’s BED PARTY: Jack HammerXL and Nikki Darling, Morgana Muses’ Having My Cake and Breathtaking, and Dear Jiz by Ms Naughty. The very first Guest of Honor, is none other than the incredible performing artist and film star Bishop Black (who you can watch in Morgana Muses’ Having My Cake, and hopefully more soon!)

London Porn Film Festival 2017 Official Selections

Programme 1: A Thousand Queer Sexualities

Sexuality on film, as much as off it, is so much more than mainstream society gives credence to, harbouring a complexity that can’t be contained in a few set categories. In this programme, we feature films that span a breadth of erotic possibilities, and at the same time subverts them and swerves past the easy answers. From breath play as caress to the deep spirituality of blood play, from giggling dominance to the intoxication of television, this selection of films will educate, inspire and expand your mind as to what sexuality can be. CW: Pain, Blood. Length 100 mins

Bald, Love & Blood Amaury Grisel France
Being Arabelle’s Ashtray Nenetl Avril US
Breathtaking Morgana Muses Germany
Netflix and Chill Finn Peaks UK
Please May I Come, Mistress Pandora Blake UK
Since You Asked nicely Ms Naughty Australia
Smack W.Germondari / M.L.Spagnoli Italy
Vital Signs Gala Vanting Australia

Screening times:
7 April 22:30 Tickets
9 April 20:00 Tickets

Programme 2: Fantastic Voyages

Enough with the gritty realism! This is porn where only the imagination sets the limits, where the settings are worlds fantastically different from our own, bringing in far-fetched tropes of science fiction, comics, action comedy and absurdist circus. What would sex be like between superheroes and supervillains using their superpowers? What about if sexual memories could be hacked into the human brain and used for population control? What would rebellion look like then? Let us bring you on fantastic voyages to places you never thought possible. Length 108 mins

Hanna & the Keta-Boys Theo Meow Germany
Heartbreaker vs Obscura Lily Cade US
Neurosex 3 Eric Pussyboy Germany
Party Favours Abigail Gnash Germany

Screening times:
7 April 15:00 Tickets
9 April 17:30 Tickets

Programme 3: Porn in Art in Porn

How beautiful and overwhelming an art experience can porn be? Visual art has spent centuries skirting the edges of sexuality, hinting and suggesting instead of tackling it head on. But what would happen if that boundary was broken through? What truths lie on the other side, about humanity, politics, bodies and our view of beauty, once the veil of self-censorship is gone? This selection of films expertly melds the language of video art, dance film and live art with queer pornography to break new ground, unstable, sublime, unsettling and refusing to let go. Length 54 min

Crystal Clear Max Disgrace UK
Immersed Ms Naughty Australia
Insight Lidia Ravviso Italy
Pressed Flowers Blath Blossom UK
Skin May and Roy di Paul Brazil
Slowdance Harvey Rabbit US/Germany
TransAction KAy Garnellen Germany

Screening times:
7 April 20:00 Tickets 
8 April 15:00 Tickets

Having My Cake Morgana MusesProgramme 4: All Sex is Political

We live in a world where not everyone’s sex is allowed to be equal. A range of intersectional power structures work in tandem to sharply divide sexuality between what is considered normal, versus immoral and pathological. In the UK, harsh, unfair pornography laws are explicitly constructed to exclude a range of queer sexual practices. To challenge this, porn can serve as a critical voice, and this selection of films tackles politics on head-on – strong voices speaking out, in everything from angry lust-challenges to the colonial world order, to giving power to each other in queer communities. Length 75 mins

36-Year-Old Virgin Skyler Braeden Fox Germany
Dear Jiz Ms Naughty Australia
Fuck the Fascism Maria Basura Chile/Spain/Germany
Having My Cake Morgana Muses Germany
Not Every Princess Needs a Prince Alexandra Penelope United Kingdom
Pansexuals Erika Lust Spain
See Me Ms Naughty Australia

Screening times:
8 April 17:30 Tickets
9 April 15:00 Tickets

bedparty-jackjammerxl-nikkidarling1Programme 5: Kick-Ass Love

Sex is fun! Sex is energy! Sex is mutuality, chemistry, exchange, empowerment! This selection of the festival’s most fabulous and high-octane films shows sexuality that’s anything but boring, a world filled with love, ropes, boxing gloves, glitter, body hair, orgasms, joy and beauty and laughter. From fighting cyberpunk lesbians to inventive threesomes, these films are sure to put a smile on your face and a tingle in your belly. Because everyone should have the opportunity to have a fabulous, powerful and exciting sex life if they want to. Length 88 mins

Bed Party: Jack HammerXL and Nikki Darling Shine Louise Houston US
Fauni Thighs Charlie Forrest UK
Girls Fight Club Erika Lust Spain
Pink Shiver Clit Coppola Denmark
Queer as in Fuck You Pandora Blake UK
Trinity Ms Naughty Australia

Screening times:
7 April 17:30 Tickets 
8 April 22:30 Tickets

Programme 6: Show

With a little help from our friends and lovers we create a saucy Queer Cabaret specially designed to fit the ethos of this special film festival. When we are on stage we can be more ourselves….. Length 90 mins

SHOW 8 April 20:00 Tickets

Access: The Horse Hospital is wheelchair accessible to an extent. However, accessible toilet facilities are only available off the main site. Read a thorough review of the accessibility of the site here.

All filmmakers, as part of the submission process, have been asked to supply both audio description and (English) subtitles. Audio description listening equipment will be available on request during the screening.

For more information and to get tickets, see londonpff.com.

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