PinkLabel.TV Playbill: May 2023 Line-Up

Introducing the latest and greatest of new releases to PinkLabel.TV. In April, we added over 20 new films to PinkLabel.TV. This month, we welcome a shining array of recent additions, from adult education with SEX SCHOOL. Without further ado, here are this month’s highlights…

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May New Releases


A collaboration between Rachel Rose and Oliver David, Into-You-I-See-Me explores sexual and sensual intimacy between differently-abled bodies and how ‘ability’ means nothing when eros is alive…

‘Most Loved’ Film Award Winner at the 2022 Erotica Film Festival (Australia) and Official Selection of the 2022 SECS Festival.

PORNBETTER’s Feature Film Pick of the Month!

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A Mes Amours

Artistic couple Elisa and Samuel decide to take in a sociology student for the summer. Lola, who has just arrived from San Francisco, wants to spend a few weeks with the pair to further her research on gender norms and gender in heterosexual monogamous relationships. She soon discovers that the seemingly happy couple is in fact hiding multiple layers of complexity.

“Best Feature Movie” Winner at the 2023 Porn Film Festival Vienna and Closing Night Film at the 2023 Athens Porn Film Festival.

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Iconic Pablo Bravo fucks Jamal Phoenix mercilessly, moving Jamal’s toned body all around, devouring his lips, choking him, and fucking his wet holes with passion. Pablo has a hard time keeping from coming too fast — Jamal’s pussy is just that good! Pablo even lifts Jamal up in the air to fuck him. Watch these two inked studs fuck until exhaustion, edging and trying not to come… and finally let go to ride a SEXOTIC WAVE til a very satisfying end.

By San Francisco PornFilmFestival favorite Jamal Phoenix.

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Beer and Loving with Las Bangers (Festival Edit)

“The best of life is but intoxication…”

The doors of perception are flung wide open in HardWerk’s trippiest gang bang yet, a visually psychedelic and viscerally psychosexual homage to Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. However, in this version, it’s a female protagonist, performer Bebe Melkor-Kadior, hunting for answers, experiences and the ultimate high in modern-day Berlin – a hunt that brings her to the apartment of Las Bangers.

Official Selection 2023 Pornfilmfestival Vienna and 2023 Hacker Porn Film Festival.

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Salle de bain

Fennel joins Ursinae in the shower for a steamy, intimate moment.

By San Francisco PornFilmFestival favorite Vespéral Films, an indie film project from France, ran by queer artist Ursinae, aiming to explore visual poetry and porn.

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Cum Closer

When Ashley Paige is left wanting more after a play party, Mahx Capacity’s more than willing to satiate her hunger.

The divinely focused Ashley (she/her) fixes on her breathless plaything, working Mahx (they/them) over with a rough touch and coming back for more. She delivers a heavy dose of impact, which Mahx takes with pride and pleasure, crescendoing until they’re begging for Ashley’s fist. Spreading Mahx open, Ashely shows them they’re not quite done yet. No, they can always take a little more.

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French Press

Waking up with coffee is great, but what about fucking your partner, getting fucked, fucking them again and getting fucked once more before having coffee?

It’s a steamy summer morning for Gem and Manon. Still groggy from all-night-fucking, Gem can’t even make coffee before Manon finds another way to wake them up. Who could resist her?

Watch these switchy insatiable queers tumble across the kitchen, sucking; stroking; fucking cunt, pussy, ass; and devouring each other til they’ve had their fill…..for now. Full of laughter, eye contact, and very verbal pleasure, this sweet and playful scene is an ode to dyke stamina and hours of never-ending queer sex.

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Meet Laura Ropes

Laura is a woman who loves science and likes to experiment, so much so that being a very sexual person, she wanted to try the experience of shooting a video in which she can express her sexuality and show us her privacy, both through the interview in which she opens her mind to us, such as her way of masturbating with toys to reach orgasm.

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Dance. Destroy. Create

Since starting Thousand Faces, we’ve wanted to make a dance film. Not the kind with a trite plot in between music video routines, or the kind where performers just dance then fuck. We love the combination of expressive performance and movement, so mixing dance and sex as seamlessly as possible makes total sense to us.

With the help of Yiming’s Bachata dance experience and choreography skills, we took inspiration from each other’s musical and sexual interests, as well as the sex-work traditions of stripping, lap-dance, and chair-dance. We wanted to destroy existing expectation of what a porn film involving dance (or dance film involving porn) could be, and create something fresh and new.

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How to Dirty Talk

Dirty talk can enhance ones pleasure during sex, which is why Sadie Lune and Poppy Cox are eager to talk about a favorite playtime activity. Sadie and Poppy share examples of moments where dirty talk kept them out of their heads and more invested in the experience. Covering communicating during dirty talk, and how it does not always go right. At times we have to acknowledge when we went a little too far and make the decision to keep going to take a break. This episode does a fantastic job uniting the fantasizes of dirty talk, without shying away from the realties and less enjoyable aspects. Tying aftercare into the mix, dirty talk can lead us to some incredible spaces, which means we need to find ways to come back.

For anyone wanting to improve their communication and learn a few ways to be accountable when they may cause harm. Sadie and Poppy find inspiration with literotica, enhancing Poppy’s experience while being domed by Sadie. Watch, listen and learn how to bring dirty talk into your bedroom.

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