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Atomic Cheesecake Productions infuses kink & queer inspired sensuality into surreal femme-focused fantasy worlds with a kaleidoscopic visual aesthetic merging arthouse and lowbrow cinematic styles. And boobs.

Check out  Extrasensory and Celestial Bodies — a favorite at the 2023 San Francisco PornFilmFestival.

September New Releases Highlights

NARCISSISM – The Auto-Erotic Images.

How do we look into the mirror?
Do we allow ourselves a narcissistic or even covetous view?
And how is it influenced by our gender and socialization: Are we able to love ourselves and our reflection?
And why do lesbians often have an especially difficult relationship with narcissism?

In NARCISSISM – The Auto-Erotic Images, a multi award-winning documentary, Toni Karat invited more than 30 border-crossers of all kinds to an attic of 1929 for a flirt – or a confrontation (!) – with their mirror image …
The result is an intimate and subtle work in every respect: very diverse protagonists and many well-known faces from the alternative feminist porn scene (not only from Berlin) share their thoughts and feelings about gender, narcissism, self-love!
Accompanying the film, the photo book of the same name has been published with texts and 135 photos of the protagonists.

Best Documentary Film Winner at the Pornfilmfestival Berlin 2022 Awards!

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Celestial Bodies

Two astronauts struggle to resist the intoxicating temptations of an alien spaceship.

A slam-dunk festival favorite at Hump! Festival, Brussels Porn Film Festival, aGLIFF / Prism Film Festival, SF Queer Film Festival, PaderPorn Filmfestival, Satyrs and Maenads: The Athens Porn Film Festival, San Francisco PornFilmFestival, Post Pxrn Film Festival Warsaw, among many more, and Audience Award winner at the 2023 International Feminist & Queer Festival Red Dawns.

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U Up?

It’s voyeuristic, it’s hot, and it helps you learn how your partner likes to be touched – is there anything hotter than mutual masturbation? Perfect for new lovers learning how to pleasure each other or long term couples who want to mix things up. Watch alone or grab your partner to watch and join in with you. In this movie, performers Remi Amour and Mickey Mod explore intimacy in virtual space through video sex. Their longing for skin on skin contact combined with slow, sensual movements, will leave you feeling like you’re another caller in this sexy FaceTime.

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Not Muted

Karmann and Josie take a steamy break during home office time, but they forget to “mute” their computer during sex. This film is a call to literally “unmute” ourselves; to not stay silent about our needs and desires in bed. Let’s be vocal in bed about our needs, no kink, no fetish — just authentic and real. Addressing confidently what we need to get us going will lead us to true sexual empowerment beyond gender performance.

When was the last time you “unmuted” yourself in bed?

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Pleasure Positions

Pleasure positions challenge the belief that sex must be penetrative and heteronormative, making pleasure positions critical for unlearning a lot of harm that may be clouding our experiences. Addressing aspects of sex and disability, we all have physical and mental limitations so why not address it to include everyone in pleasure. Of course, taking all you have learned to the next level while Lina and Maria explore each other’s pleasure zones.

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Giant and brutal top Dboseda destroys all of Jamal Phoenix’s holes. The two exotic melanin beasts have an impressive athletic fuck session. Jamal swallows Dboseda’s 25cm monster cock without hesitation.

Dboseda didn’t leave Jamal disappointed and ruins him completely with this intense bare back fucking and ends it all with a thick cream pie. WOOF!

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TRANSIT (Festival Edit)

Hotel guests discover a room for two.

Trans superstar Vanniall and non-binary porn icon Jiz Lee join forces in a short romp that combines safer sex and juxtaposed edits to celebrate the joy in queer sex.

This film was recorded during the 2022 San Francisco PornFilmFestival, and was Jiz’s first scene post top-surgery!

A collaboration by Jiz Lee and Vanniall. Filmed by Ashley Lake and edited by Éclair F.
Performers tested for STIs prior to filming and both chose to use a condom.

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Save a Horse

Part comedy, part porn, part horse girl movie — afterglow presents “Save a Horse”. Viewers are transported to the desert where a young woman (Maya Kendrick) is reunited with her trusty stallion — her sex machine. Time has passed, but their bond is unbreakable, and they’ve come together for one last rodeo. In “Save a Horse”, viewers are provided with the opportunity to view the pleasure of masturbation between a woman and her one true love: her sex toy.

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Help Me Fix My Crown

Rayne Meadows, known for their intense and rough hardcore scenes, takes on a new role as star of this experimental art porn by Producer/Director Bella Vendetta. Rayne walks into a mountain river, supported and adored by their fellow queer and disabled sex working community members. VendettaVerse models: Ryrenn Sinn, Morgan Fey, Tommie Gunn and. Lilah Rose. The performers slowly undress. Rayne, and then lay hands, anointing their scarred body with oils and praise. A ritualistic cottage core femme art film.

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