The PinkLabel.TV Playbill: September 2022 Line-Up

This September, we’re adding a slew of new titles to PinkLabel.TV that have made the rounds at international film festivals. Here’s just a few highlights of recent additions. And be sure to tune in to the month’s many other highlights, including the virtual RE/PLAY of the 2022 San Francisco PornFilmFestival streaming on-demand, upcoming Failed Films Festival on September 10th, and much more.

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September New Releasing Highlights


The MulitVerse in a MouthFuck

A metaphysical trip of self-awareness, from the seven principles of Hermeticism to the seven keys to master our lives. (Inspired by true fuckts).

Best International Short Film (2021 PornFilmFestival Vienna), Best Sex-Positive Film (2021 SECS FEST), Honorable Best Mention (2020 CineKink), Short Film Competition Nominee (2019 PornFilmFestival Berlin), Chilean Premiere (2020 Muestra Internacional Excéntrico) and many more.

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Girl King

Captain Candy captures a virgin Butch with the promise that if Butch can find the Queen’s stolen treasure, he will receive his heart’s desire—the seductive femme Claudia. Soon Butch is sailing on treacherous seas, swept away by dangerous desires.

Fans of “Our Flag Means Death” will delight in this gender-bending pirate movie from the early 2000s.

“Cleverly utilizing stock footage, pornographic imagery and bedazzling sets that recall the films of both Kenneth Anger and Alain Robbe-Grillet, Pietrobruno weaves a creative high-seas dyke drama that charms and entertains while providing a good dose of eroticism.” (Kier-La Janisse, Terminal City Magazine)

“Funny, hot, full of cult potential. Free from intellectual clichés and unimaginative theoretical correctness.” (Charlotte Sjöholm, Film International Magazine)

“Below the exterior of a sexy, playful adventure lies an intelligent critique of gender identity and sexual role-play. A visual orgy of erotically charged butch-femme seduction.” (Sabrina Alonso, Frameline Queer Guide)

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An Eve in Lillith

Real-life non-binary couple Eve X and Sai Jaiden Lillith share their pregnancy journey. An Eve in Lillith is an intimate, gender-fucked, kinky good time.

“As pornographers and sexuality advocates, we considered our pregnancy to be an opportunity to publicly explore both the beautiful and challenging aspects of pregnancy and new parenthood. We were particularly interested in confronting the Mother|Whore dichotomy: keeping passion alive and flowing with the changes. As non-binary parents, the physicality of pregnancy required a further commitment to gender fuckery. As BDSM practitioners, pregnancy required us to occupy a fresh, nuanced and vulnerable exploration of kink. An Eve in Lillith is a commitment both to our gender expression, and to our continuing relationship with kink.” ~ Eve and Sai

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and then we touch

AND THEN WE TOUCH raises our awareness of the performative nature of categories such as humanity and animality and confronts us with our own needs for sensuality, touch and playfulness as human animals. The viewer becomes part of an intimate scene between two pupplayers in a living room. The close-up cinematography shows the soft touches and playful actions of two men dressed as dogs. In this cinematic essay a post-human identity performed through bodily gestures and grunts is manifested. A shimmering space opens up when the human touches the non-human.

Winner of the PinkLabel.TV Prix Prize at the 10th Annual La Fête du Slip Festival, Honorable Mention (Flip the Script Fest and more.

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A novel writer frustrated by not finding inspiration is carried away by her imagination until she finds herself involved in a dream world where she meets the main character of her novels.

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From Paris to New York

Also known as New York City Inferno, this incredible Jacques Scandelari classic is a fascinating fusion of documentary, narrative, and sex film! Structured around the journey of Jérôme (Christopher Dock) in search of his lover (Bob Bleecker) who traveled to New York City and never returned, this French production also serves as a study of late-’70s NYC’s gay sex culture and locales. Along with its story and sizzling sex scenes – as Jérôme gets into raunchy encounters on the piers, in gay bar toilets (a scene featuring Boys in the Sand‘s Tommy Moore), a bathhouse, a meat locker, and more – it also presents an interview with a gay political activist and performer/drag king/poet Camille O’Grady fronting a punk band in the film’s epically wild orgy sequence shot in the infamous Mineshaft leather bar.

As Jérôme’s exploration mirrors that of his lover’s, he has many eye-opening encounters, getting a taste of sexual freedom, a first-hand look at the state of gay liberation in NYC, and an introduction to the kinkier side of the erotic. This journey also includes guidance from a mysterious cum-reading oracle (Luke Morelay), accompanying a French woman (the very charming Daddy la Flippée) as she gets tattooed in an underground parlor, and the raucous Mineshaft scene (which serves as some of the only documentation of the bar’s interior).

Attractively photographed by François About (Le Beau Mec, Strictly Forbidden) and compellingly constructed and paced, this gritty, kinky, occasionally bizarre, and artfully made classic is a historically significant piece from the ’70s French wave of gay porn films.

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Rattling chains, moans, giggles, and the hum of a Hitachi vibrator all come together to create a soundtrack to Indulgence. This femme4femme QTBIPOC scene has us drooling and gushing just like Selene Sun (she/they) under the firm and generous hands of Azalea Trix (they/them).

Directed by Prince Poison, of the new East Coast production house ColorBlock Films.

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Mommy a la Mode

It’s a desperately hot day and predatory milf Cat Gold has their eye set on the ice cream girl Lola’s gorgeous hands. Mommy knows what they want and is prepared to make a mess while getting it. Our very good girl Lola will surely never be the same after learning for the first time how to please her Mommy, wrist deep.

As featured in Petit Mort Magazine, and selected at The Blue Film Fest and Failed Films.

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GODASSES: Jamal Phoenix

For the final installment in his GODASSES trilogy, Emre Busse conspires with trans porn talent Jamal Phoenix to redefine the desirable body outside of a hegemonic society’s normative restrictions and, because of the specific relationship that pornographic images have to their audience, fuck with a viewer’s assumed self-assurance as being a coherent sexual subject.

Porn’s specificity as a particular genre of representation lies in its almost visceral appeal to the spectator’s body as it elicits immediate somatic response; Richard Dyer speaks of pornography’s ability to “move” the body. The spectator suddenly feels their body, which manifests itself as something distinct over which we do not have full control. Pornography is not recognized by our intellect alone but, at least partly, perceived through bodily or emotional responses.

Thus, even the bodies of spectators that do not identify as gay might be moved upon encountering the scopophilic richness of Jamal Phoenix’ FTM body in action with other men: the body might move in ways that the mind did not anticipate. As a result of this disordering, or the apparent dissonance between mind and body that one possibly experiences, the genitals ultimately take off from binary sexed bodies and are merely immersed in a collective pursuit oriented towards the intensification of pleasure.

An official selection of the San Francisco PornFilmFestival, PornFilmFestival Berlin, Brussels PornFilmFestival, and many more.

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