SPOTLIGHT: A look at “2 or 3 things I like about him”

feuer.zeug is a project from Freiburg, Germany, which aims to make feminist porn that shows realistic sex. Their last film Sides of a Lake screened at the San Francisco PornFilmFestival and is a popular title here on PinkLabel.TV. They’ve recently completed their newest film, 2 or 3 things I like about him, which is now available. Intimate and experimental, we were lucky to find time with them for a short interview about their new film.

2 or 3 things I like about him Trailer (Watch the full film)

Filmmaker Spotlight: feuer.zeug

How did ‘2 or 3 things I like about him‘ come to be? What inspired the concept?

Paul and Eva who wrote the concept for the film wanted to create an intimate room, where the camera doesn’t take a voyeuristic outsiders perspective, but becomes a consensual actor of itself, representing the individual perception of the two performers. The film is thus about showing a very subjective gaze in porn and about somehow discussing the power relationships between performers and consumers.

How did you cast or choose collaborators? 

We wanted to shoot with people who were already familiar with each other, to really be able to capture a subjective gaze on each other. And, as the performers are also filming, being experienced with cameras was definitely a plus. And that’s how we specified the performer call that we published via newsletters and social media. And when Billy and Jamal contacted us and we had a video call, it just clicked! They really liked the concept and we really loved their vibe and their motivation.

How was your experience working on the film, Jamal?

I instantly liked the concept! It made sense to perform with somebody who I love and trust. On set our needs were met, we had much space for creative expression and our script ideas were respected.

Where did the film premiere? What’s next for the film?

“2 or 3 things I like about him” premiered one day before publication here on PinkLabel.TV, on the 23rd of July at Natural Instincts Festival in Stuttgart. The film got finished pretty much last-minute and we were thus quite excited to see it on the big screen! But everything worked out well and it was a great experience talking to a real-life audience after the screening — something we’ve really been missing during the pandemic. And now we are looking forward to the other festivals were the film has been accepted. Some really close to home, such as Basel in Switzerland or the PornFilmFestival Berlin, some further away, like the San Francisco PornFilmFestival or the SECS Fest in Seattle. And besides that we are planning screenings here in Freiburg, in a café where we have already shown our films in the past, but hopefully also in the club, where the film was shot!

What’s next for feuer.zeug?

We actually already have another project in postproduction that we hope to publish in autumn. If I would have to define it, I would probably say something like feelgood-quarantine-gayporn meets RomCom meets Heimatfilm! It’ll definitely feature some of the blackforest beauty that surrounds us here in Freiburg and two new hot performers: Otto Untertage and Popo Chanel. And Queen P from our second film “Sides of a Lake” will also have a little appearance.

Where can people find and follow feuer.zeug online?

We have a website, which is mostly in German but features a small english-language section: feuerzeugfilms.com. And we can be found on Instagram (@feuerzeugfilms) and on Facebook (@feuerzeug.freiburg).


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