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Getting a Taste: An Interview with Torri Lisek of Insatiable Pictures


Emerging adult film director Torri Lisek may be new to PinkLabel.TV, but she’s not new to the porn scene as a regular attendee of the annual Berlin PornFilmFestival. Her new studio Insatiable Pictures pairs the intensity of BDSM with cute queers and the result is a perfect blend of inviting warmth and prickling heat! We caught up with Torri to discuss the challenges of a new porn studio head, ranging from learning curves to illness, and how collaboration is key, even in uncertain times. 


Congrats on launching your new studio! Many people have ideas to create adult films, but getting to the final stage can be a challenge. What inspired you to create these films and were there any obstacles you’ve had to overcome to get here? 

I wanted to make adult films for a long time, since I started going to the Berlin PornFilmFestival around five years ago. I saw the way that many of the producers were able to create beautiful films which said something important despite having relatively few resources available. Every year after the festival I said to myself that I’d find a way to make film that year but somehow I never realized the ambition. I was working full-time and suffering from long-term illness which started shortly after I moved to Berlin so the prospect of learning filmmaking and organizing a whole shoot was daunting. It was only after I’d picked up some experience doing random film projects that I felt more ready to approach shooting porn.
When started planning my first film In Crimson, I wasn’t sure how it would end up, or what my mission was with producing it, I just wanted to take a little slice of something I’d experienced myself (a BDSM scene where trays of colorful fruit were misused to great effect) and to present it in a fun and overstated way. I also felt that much of the porn I’d seen, especially relating to BDSM, didn’t reflect how I experienced those aspects of sexuality, or the things I loved about them. I wanted to make films that were fun, fantastical and overstated, but still capturing the essence of real experiences I had.
In the credits of In Crimson, there’s a dedication to my friend Steve who sadly died quite a few years ago. Perhaps more than a friend, he was an elective family member. He was very active in the BDSM scene as an organizer and moderator on one of the larger IRC networks back when they were still really popular. It was Steve who convinced me to buy the antique violet wand which appears in Resistance, who opened my mind to fetishes I hadn’t even heard of before and whose advice played a large part in me finally coming out years later. Steve never got to see any of my films but whenever I’m at a play party or a porn festival I always think about him and I miss him. He was one of the key people who inspired me to start producing films.


Manon Praline


Who are the cast and crew you work with and what do you appreciate about working with them?

Manon Praline has been in most of my films so far and we worked together directing another film which is coming out very soon. She has always given amazing performances across a wide range of scenarios and dynamics as well as advising me about who to ask for things like music, graphics, and other important film stuff. She also helped me to find and reach out to other performers who went on to give really great performances in the films they featured in.

Theo Meow and Jo Pollux — the Set Sluts — helped me to take my sometimes vaguely formed ideas and turn them into beautiful film sets. Locations are often expensive or difficult to arrange so a single room in my flat has been the setting for a lot of films I’ve made. Each time Theo and Jo came in, they transformed it into a different place which felt nothing like its previous incarnation. When I first made the transition between editing films made from a script with lots of takes to the much less predictable results of a porn shoot, they also gave me advice and feedback which helped me to adapt.

I also took a lot of advice from other producers before and during the process of filmmaking. Pandora / Blake gave me a lot of helpful tips about how to organize a shoot, how to find and reach out to performers, and things to watch out for during filming.

Manon Praline said this about choosing cast and crew:

“For performers, I choose folks I have a crush on or with whom I have good chemistry. Whether they have experience as performers or not also plays a role, but it’s not the most important. It’s also nice to share shoot opportunities with performers who have less chances to get hired by companies or directors. I often found myself saying to a lover, right after a great fuck, a BDSM scene or at a sex party, “Hey, we should shoot porn together, would you be into that?” Or if I secretly have a crush on someone and I know they are a performer I might propose a shoot. But a very important thing to me is that the person is 100% reliable, knows what they are doing, can communicate clearly, are not hesitant about having their image online, etc. Similar for cast, sexy folks who are nice, patient, clear, and reliable. But here I’ll prioritize experience. It is important to me that we have similar sexualities so we know what we’re talking about and I can trust their eye.


Besides cast and crew, are there other relationships or support you’ve had from other companies? 

There are a couple of groups and companies who have helped out by lending their gear for shoots. Lash Fetish Gear provided the beautiful harness that Nina Scum wears in You Were Warned. The underwear that Manon and June wear in Resistance was provided by Marion May.

The underwear that Manon and June wear in Resistance was provided by Marion May.



What’s next in your plans for your studio? Are there festivals or new films to look forward to? 

We just wrapped a film we shot in France last year called My Garage My Rules. It was filmed in a feminist collective garage and it’s a cute and sexy take on a time, years ago, when Manon worked as a car mechanic. It features a debut performance by Lola Tormento and you can really see the chemistry between her and Manon in the movie. It also features a really nice soundtrack produced by Sky Deep. We submitted it to several festivals already and we’ll keep on submitting it to others.

There’s also a movie I shot with Manon Praline and Valentine during the porn festival last year which is almost finished. Although it wasn’t as extensively planned as some others I’ve shot, I felt like it came together into a really cute scene. It mostly takes place in this very large hot tub that we were lucky enough to get access to and involves mild D/s and misuse of soap and beauty products. I’m hoping I can get that scene online very soon. Various technical issues have slowed down production, but I think we captured some really beautiful images and I can’t wait to share them.


We look forward to a lot of great new films! Please support indie adult filmmakers and their talent collaborators. We’ll be here as a place to find connection and pleasure during times of uncertainty. Stay home if you can, take care of yourself and your communities. In the meantime, we hope you’ll find a moment of joy through Torri’s work with Insatiable Pictures on PinkLabel.TV. 

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