The San Francisco PornFilmFestival celebrates the craft and creativity of sexual cinema

The 2021 San Francisco PornFilmFestival runs November 11th through 28th, streaming online and broadcasting live and in-person from the Brava Theater in San Francisco’s historic Mission District.

San Francisco is not only the home of festival presenter Pink & White Productions. It’s also the city that was the first in the United States to publicly screen hardcore pornography. In 1970, the International Erotic Film Festival at the Presidio Theatre cause a controversy earning SF the nickname ‘Smut Capital of America’ by political leaders. The 70’s saw many progressive movements in social and sexual liberation. Fast-forward to today, sexual rights and free speech are as important now as they were half a century ago. The festival’s debut honors our city’s sexual rights movements and cinematic history.

With 10 programs and over 90 films, the festival offers one of the most wide-ranging and inclusive curations of pornographic and erotic adult films. Here’s a look at this year’s selections.

2021 San Francisco PornFilmFestival

Program Schedule and Official Selections


WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 10 (Pre-Festival Kick-Off!) 

Wild Card

November 10th, All Day

We kick off the celebration with a special selection of films available to watch on-demand all day long, November 10th. If you missed a film, tune back in November 15-28th for our RE/PLAY dates.

Avery Jane (Inka Winter, 32 min. USA)
Better Than Clean (Torri Lisek, 11 min. Germany)
Black Sex Magic (BEYONDEEP Productions, 8 min. USA)
BUBBLICIOUS (Courtney Trouble, 26 min. Germany)
Bull King Husband (NVS, 22 min. Taiwan)
Cravings (afterglow, 9 min. USA)
Divine Rites (Four Chambers, 14 min. United Kingdom)
Dyspnea (Viola V, 3 min. Australia)
EEG Orgy (Almond Linden, 66 min. Germany)
Equation to an Unknown (Dietrich de Velsa/Altered Innocence, 99 min. France)
Every Cut Is A Lie (Wavey Davey, 25 min. USA)
Exhibitionists (EDIY Porn, 10 min. Brazil)
Hard at Work (AORTA Films, 12 min. USA)
Hole Theory (AORTA Films, 11 min. USA)
HOLOGANG (Paulita Pappel, Rod Wyler/HardWerk Studios, 32 min. Germany)
Input Error (Katy Bit, Officer Flower, 14 min. Germany)
Letting Go (Finn Peaks, 11 min. Germany)
Lovers/Husbands (Menelas, 9 min. Greece)
Lucifer Leather Lust (Carlos Deth, 16 min. USA)
Mathilde (Thousand Faces, 11 min. UK)
Mental Poem (EDIY Porn, 5 min. Brazil)
Missing You (Minnie Scarlet, 14 min. USA)
Oink! (Rob Eagle, Liz Rosenfield, João Florêncio, 22 min. UK)
One Last Time (Olympe de G., 72 min. France)
Possession (altSHIFT, 9 min. UK)
Pulse Porn (Almond Linden, 35 min. Germany)
Ruptured (Max Disgrace, 15 min. UK)
Sea Breeze (Ben Berlin, 8 min. Germany)
Seen Not Heard (Royal Fetish Films, 50 min. USA)
Soaking (Torri Lisek, 7 min. Germany)
Tapedeck (Morgana Mayer, 13 min. Italy)
Tatami (Katie Kinako, 26 min. Japan)
Tears for Water (Scumtrust Productions, 4 min. USA)
The Empress (Lauren West, 3 min. USA)
The MILF Next Door (Sadie Lune, 28 min. Germany)
The Receiver (Salty Chéri, 32 min. Germany)
Tied (Spark Erotic, 32 min. USA)
Transcendent Bodies (Barbara Carrellas, 43 min. USA)
Vivante (Anoushka, 91 min. USA)
What You Didn’t Steal From Me (Kitty Rodé, 4 min. Canada)
Wild Card (Jennifer Lyon Bell, 32 min. Netherlands)



November 11th, 4:00PM PST

From sex between exes and fantasy worlds made of rubber to sex rituals and COVID-safe solos, these short films span the wide range of what sex looks like on camera. Broadcasting LIVE from the Brava Theater with host Q Wilson!

Rubber (altSHIFT, 7 min. UK)
Safeword: 8 (Carmina, 16 min. France)
It’s Complicated (Ms Naughty, 15 min. Australia)
Rising Sun Blues (Sura Hertzberg, Marion Hill (DOP), 5 min. USA)
Trans-cendent Delight (Jaq Quicksilver, 8 min. USA)
La Limpia (Ramses Rodstein, 5 min. USA)
ATARDECER (Sunset) (Blanca ReyGal, 7 min. Mexico)
Fisherman (Nicky Miller, 10 min. Germany)
The Mirror (Toni Karat, 4 min. Germany)
Between Us (Between Us Collective, 6 min. Austria)
Elemental (Julia Patey, 11 min. Germany)

Safe is Desire

November 11th, 7:00PM PST

Allie and Dion are in love, but sex issues threaten their new relationship. They visit a San Francisco sex club where they see a lust-filled lesbian orgy, including a delightfully playful demonstration by the Safer Sex Sluts and other downright kinky lesbian sex.

With special guest Nan Kinney of Fatale Media, whose driving passion set the standard for women in the industry and encouraged other women to make it their own. Broadcasting LIVE from the Brava Theater with host Q Wilson!

Loved Him (Wavey Davey, 18 min. USA)
Safe is Desire (Debi Sundahl/Fatale Media, 46 min. USA)


Sovereign Sex

November 12th, 4:00PM

These short documentary films focus on sexuality and tackle serious subject matter with power and prose. From sexual shame, survivor sex, isolation to representation of disability and capturing the lost art of cruising. Broadcasting LIVE from the Brava Theater with host Q Wilson!

42 Days (Nat Portnoy, 11 min. Poland)
The End of Cruising: That Look (Todd Verow, 11 min. USA)
Don’t Be a DICK! (Amir Ovadia Steklov, 10 min. Germany)
All of Me (Morgana Muses, Josie Hess, 15 min. Australia)
The End of Cruising: Gay Sex Vortex (Todd Verow, 4 min. USA)
for me (alone) (Henrik Seidel, 20 min. Germany)
The End of Cruising: Meat Rack (Todd Verow, 3 min. USA)
Sovereign Sex (Daemon Derriere, 14 min. USA)

Forbidden Letters

November 12th, 7PM PST

Forbidden Letters is one of the most romantic and cinematically sophisticated gay adult dramas of all time. Join us with special guests: star Robert Adams and founder of The Bressan Project, Jenni Olson. Broadcasting LIVE from the Brava Theater with host Q Wilson!

Forbidden Letters (Arthur J. Bressan Jr., 70 min. USA)


November 12th, 10-11 PST 

Festival filmmakers and friends are invited to celebrate our time together in-person at a casual post-show mixer. The nearby location is top secret and will be disclosed at the theater screenings. This is an in-person only event. (Must be 21+ and provide proof of vaccination.)


<a href=Tie Me Up” width=”100%” />

November 13th, 12PM PST

These beautiful short films focus on BDSM themes, from dark sensation play to toying humiliation, and body-loving bondage to a tickling fetish classic.

Taking the Piss, I Shit You Not (abcde Flash, 6 min. Switzerland)
Breathe (Goodyn Green, 20 min. Germany)
Little Mary (Jo Pollux, 9 min. Germany)
Tie Me Up (Inka Winter, 10 min. USA)
Cobwebs (Dwam, 15 min. France)
Love Hard: Smile (Sensate Films, 9 min. Australia)
Feels Good to be Sadomasochist (EDIY Porn, 11 min. Brazil)
Werkhalle 9 (Theo Meow, 19 min. Germany)
Box of Laughter (Maria Beatty, 18 min. USA)


Pops Corn

November 13th, 4:00PM PST

Humor and animation are what link these films together, pairing unexpected scenarios and creative storytelling elements, from illustrated sex and special effects to parody porn and surprising stories that flip the porno script.

Vaginas (Andreia Dobrota, 1 min. Netherlands)
NatiAnal Pornographic (Diego Tigrotto, 5 min. Italy)
Teat Beat of Sex, Episodes 1 (Signe Baumane, 4 min. USA)
Sex Novo (Sex in the Background) (Werther Germondari, Maria Laura Spagnoli, 10 min. Italy)
Matzo Maidels (Jenni Olson, Monica Nolan, 5 min. USA)
Dic Pic Picnic (Ethan Folk, Ty Wardwell, 2 min. Germany)
Polyamory The Musical (Inka Winter, 5 min. USA)
Les Retrouvailles (The Reunion) (Ivan Sobris, 14 min. France)
BIODILDO (Christian Slaughter, 11 min. Germany)
Pops’ Corn (Ethan Folk, Ty Wardwell, 4 min. Germany)


Chemistry Eases the Pain

November 13th, 7:00PM PST

You’re in for a cinematic treat as these paired romantic featurettes “Matinée” by Jennifer Lyon Bell and “Chemistry Eases the Pain” by Shine Louise Houston skillfully weave sex into beautifully crafted storytelling.

Matinée (Jennifer Lyon Bell, 33 min. Amsterdam)
Chemistry Eases the Pain (Shine Louise Houston, 41 min. USA)


November 14th, NOON PST

A record-breaking 41 short films and features grace this year’s FORE/PLAY selection. The specially curated titles welcome virtual audiences to kick-off the festival and make an on-demand encore for two weeks of RE/PLAY. Join us as we get to know the international community of artists behind the films!

2 or 3 things I like about him

November 14th, 4:00PM PST

These experimental films explore sex in ways that are creative and bold. How does music and sound impact sexual rhythm? What happens if performers control the camera? These playful short films delight and surprise.

2 or 3 things I like about him (Paul Stümke/feuer.zeug, 15 min. Germany)
Progressive Touch (Michael Portnoy, 14 min. Austria)
Holy Mouth (Morgana Mayer, 6 min. Italy)
Feel You (Pablo Trujillo Tobaria, 11 min.)
Snack Time (House of Huitlacooch, 5 min. USA)
Fuses (Four Chambers, 7 min. United Kingdom)
For AE with Love (Maryann Peony, 6 min. Germany)
Fluid Bound (Roberto Fatal, 7 min. USA)
Wrong With You (Tim Best, 4 min. USA)
Baby You’re Frozen (Sadie Lune, 19 min. USA/Germany)


November 14th, 7:00PM PST

Radley Metzger’s bisexual classic features the legendary Cal Culver (better known as Casey Donovan for his work in gay vintage porn). Having explored hetero-sexual obsessions in the critically acclaimed Camille 2000 and The Lickerish Quartet, erotic cult director Radley Metzger goes all the way in SCORE, a tale of a happily married swinging couple (Claire Wilbur and Gerald Grant), who make a bet that they can seduce a couple of newly weds (Lynn Lowry “I Drink Your Blood” and Cal Culver) during a weekend get-together a their luxury Riviera villa. An erotic classic, populated with strikingly beautiful people who are into free love, “dressing up,” and the fine art of seduction.

Score (Radley Metzger, 87 min. USA)


November 15th – 28th

Miss a program? Want to watch again? Programs will be available right here for a full two weeks, streaming on-demand until the festival ends on November 28th.

Feature image: Fluid Bound by Robert Fatal screens with VIVID/VISION.

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