Uncensored Festival streams online to an International Audience

London’s Uncensored Festival is BACK!

“After hours of sweats and goosebumps, we are ready to share a dense programme of movies with you!”

If you missed UNCENSORED Festival last month in London, get ready to watch it online, as presenters share new hot programs of movies selected from their 2022 open call.

The final selection was curated by Uncensored jury’s members: adult performer Kali Sudhra, performer and HardWerk co-director Paulita Pappel, Brussels PornFilmFestival curator Celia Pouzet, Producer Nora Mehenni, and trans feminist porn activist Slavina. We’re proud to host the screenings LIVE on PinkLabel.TV. Don’t miss these ONE-TIME ONLY screenings as they broadcast to an international audience in real-time.

How to Watch

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DAY 1 – 5/26/2022

SLOT 1: 7:00pm London / 11:00am San Francisco

1) FagDyke Cruising
Toni Karat, 16:23, 2019, Germany, No dialogue. #queer #non-binary #cruising #Berlin
This film celebrates the thrill of lesbian cruising in the Berlin leather scene and also the visibility of non-binary and aging bodies.

2) NatiAnal Pornographic
Diego Tigrotto, 05:23, 2021, Italy, English. #CosPlay #AnimalSexualHabits #parody
A not serious study of animal sexual habits, focusing on single male behaviors.

3) Bloodmilk
Four Chambers, 18:27, 2020, UK, English. #BloodPlay #arty
Blood is base, its earth, its dirt, its life – it connects us uniquely to our mortality, our fragility, our death. It’s the ultimate in physical intimacy, something internal made external.

4) Better Than Clean
Torri Lisek, 11:30, 2020, Germany, English. #FoodPlay #surreal #fantasy
Lina’s evening takes an unexpected turn when she is led into a surreal scene of self-indulgence.

5) My Garage My Rules
Manon Praline, 10:45, 2020, Germany, French. #lesbian #garage #FrenchPorn
A modern take on classic French porn, a day of work at the girls’ garage.

6) Exhibitionists
EDIY Productions, 10:04, 2021, Brazil, Portuguese. #outdoor #exhibitionism
Two hotties go for a sex adventure in the streets, marking their territory with the delicious liquid of cum.

7) Blood, Sweat & Tears
Cat Gold, 15:20, 2021, US, English. #BDSM
Daddy Ashley Paige is blood thirsty and wastes no time tenderizing their pain loving pin cushion.

8) Cumyard
Omar Flores Sarabia, 15:06, 2021, Mexico, Spanish. #gay #romance #grief
He comes back from death to feel his lover one last time. Today is the day of the dead.


SLOT 2: 9:30pm London / 1:30pm San Francisco

1) Tapedeck
Lucio Massa, 13:00, 2021, Italy, Italian. #experimental #eroticism
A journey into forced isolation in the days of the COVID19. 3 people tell their stories through a personal erotic and sensual vision.

2) 42 Dni/42 Days
Nat Portnoy, 11:15, 2020, Netherlands, English/Polish. #VisualDiary #gender #SexualIdentity
42 Days focuses on the moment of confrontation with a terminal disease. The film is a form of visual diary, taking the viewers on a journey of realizations regarding the filmmaker’s difficult family relations, gender and sexual identity, and lack of control.

3) Fucking Freaks Club
Nour Beech, 18:38, 2022, Belgium, French. #queer #PostPornRitual #non-binary
A queer mystery is being solved by a post porn ritual where two being will be exploring their non binary self to overtake their fear!

4) Human Time
Thousand Faces, 14:44, 2021, UK, English. #BDSM #shibari #kinbaku #RopePlay
A window into Neen and James’ sexual and emotional partnership, as well as their beautiful kink dynamic.

5) Orgone Theory
Four Chambers, 21.14, 2019, UK, English. #SexualLifeForce #FuckBox #experiment
In the 1930s Wilhelm Reich theorised a powerful bioelectrical sexual life force he called orgone energy, it could be harnessed and expanded with the use of a device called an Orgone Accumulator. The accumulator is part science experiment, part esoteric fuck box, part reverse glory hole.

6) Crash
Four Chambers, 15:32, 2020, UK, English. #ballard #CarCrashFetishists
A stunning homage to Ballard’s controversial story of car-crash fetishists. Two lovers embrace each other in the wreckage of a smashed car.

7) Thomas Outside
Thomas Grundvold, 09:34, 2021, UK, No dialogue. #experimental #nature #BodyPortraits
An erotic metaphor of the naked body in communication with nature.

DAY 2 – 5/27/2022

DOCUMENTARIES 1: 7:00pm London / 11:00am San Francisco

1) Sovereign Sex
Michael Ellsberg, 14:10, 2021, US, English. #pegging #DocuPorn
Sovereign Sex is a docu-porn that follows the experience of Raz, age 30, as they explore their sexuality for the first time.

2) My Element Water
Swen Brandy Carnivore, 20:07, 2021, Germany, English. #BDSM #erotic #documentary
A documentary about a swimmer seeking challenges in her comfort element.

3) Nullo
Jan Soldat, 15:30, 2021, Germany, German. #nullification
Norbert, 34, is a Nullo. Nullo stands for genital nullification and refers to a subculture of men whose genitals have been removed, often by themselves.


DOCUMENTARIES 2: 9:00pm London / 1:00pm San Francisco

1) Atrophy Portraits III
Four Chambers, 15:46, 2020, UK, English. #BDSM
Atrophy Portraits is about breaking down those layers of constructed perfection.

2) Atomic Wednesdays
Morgana Mayer, 50:00, 2021, Italy, Italian. #Italian #AlternativePorn
The history of Atomica Film, an artistic partnership that produced 18 extreme and pornographic surreal films that changed the idea of porn in Italy.

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