20 Adult Film Highlights of 2020

20 Adult Films 2020

2020 was a big year for film releases, with over 230 new titles added to PinkLabel.TV this year. Many of these films saw online premieres at virtual film festivals or were remastered and digitalized from long lost footage, and now at long last are available online for the first time.

“20 in 2020” has a nice ring to it, but this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to representing over two hundred newly added titles. While we shine a spotlight on these outstanding new films, be sure to check out our Recently Added section to browse additional films that are all worth a view — and all are included as part of our a PinkLabel+ membership. If you missed out on the digital film festivals, here’s a great opportunity to catch the films you may have missed! Without further ado, and in no particular order, here is our highlight of 20 new and exclusive films which found their way to PinkLabel.TV in 2020.

20 Adult Film Highlights of 2020



A queer metaphysical love story that weaves itself through real and imagined sexual encounters across darkrooms, forest cruising zones and highway shoulders, INSTINCT asks: what does it mean to actively (un)learn what we might assume about another body’s sex, gender, and desire?

INSTINCT was produced by Disorder Desire over the span of seven years. Read more in the blog spotlight.



Passing Strangers

Passing Strangers

Arthur J. Bressan, Jr.’s pioneering gay adult drama Passing Strangers tells the story of two gay men in San Francisco who meet via a newspaper ad and fall in love.

Unavailable since their initial release forty years ago, Arthur J. Bressan, Jr.’s films Passing Strangers and Forbidden Letters have been digitally restored in a beautiful new 2K scan and are now available exclusively on PinkLabel.TV thanks to The Bressan Project. Read more in Jenni Olson in conversation with Robert Adams, on the Adult Films of Arthur J. Bressan Jr..

Watch Passing Strangers and Forbidden Letters




How many queers does it take to change a light bulb?

Directed by Salty Cheri and starring Manon Praline and Caritia, Shattered is a breath-taking short about intimacy and safe spaces. Salty is a Berlin based performer and director who uses queer porn as a political tool to redefine desires and dynamics, always with a bit of fun.

Watch Shattered


Camera and I

Camera and I

Make love to the camera! The distinctions between the 4th wall and the gaze are blurred as the camera explores new facets of its own vision in this quirky yet sexy short film by Shine Louise Houston of Pink and White Productions, starring Jasko Fide. “Camera and I” is porn for cinephiles.

“A gorgeous, funny xxx short about desire and shifting the role of the gaze. New work by Houston is always an event, and this short showcases everything there is to love about her directing: the playfulness, authenticity and the way she rewrites so much of what the world porn evokes in the service of genuine, diverse expression of pleasure.” ~ Saskia Vogel

Watch Camera and I


Kitchen Talk

Kitchen Talk

Black, Indigenous and People of Color in porn gather to create self-directed content. During the shoot we end up in the kitchen crying, laughing, and holding each other. Here is an excerpt of that conversation.

“We’re all aware of the fetishization of BIPOC people in porn. Marginalized creators have always battled against it, while the mainstream porn industry has perpetuated harmful stereotypes and created difficult careers for those who stood up to it. For the Kitchen Talk participants, in 2017, the stereotyping, marginalization and outright racism is all too rife. This year it finally feels like the seeds of change are taking hold, with studios changing labels and creating BIPOC town halls to hear creators’ perspectives. Let’s be honest though, the work is only just starting. There was, and always will be, a need for these safe spaces. A way for creators to connect and find strength to go out and change the narrative – to make what needs to be made and take care of themselves, and each other, along the way.” ~ R.T. Collins, Peepshow Media

Watch Kitchen Talk


Putting the O in Voting!

Putting the O in Voting!

When a Black and Latinx couple get turned on about voting in the new election video “Putting the O in Voting,” you know this isn’t your traditional PSA. The short adult film blends social justice, civic engagement and sexual pleasure to encourage voters of color to turn up and turn out for one of the most important election of our lifetime.

An innovative collaboration between Favianna.com Studios, Lotus Lain, and Gordon B Productions, the film tells the story of a young couple who are energized to vote in this incredible time in history and who are determined to organize their friends and family. The multiracial team of creators sought to create a piece that was both sexually bold and contained a message to consumers of adult films – get out there and vote!

Watch Putting the O in Voting!


Saint Plaisir

Saint Plaisir

In an abandoned village, a middle aged masochist encounters the ghost of a young man who gives him the sessions of his life.

Directed by Ivan Sobris and starring Friedrich Kreuz and Lazare Lazarus, Saint Plaisir is set in the beautiful French countryside and features BDSM.

Watch Saint Plaisir


FagDyke Cruising

FagDyke Cruising

Hermannplatz subway station, Berlin Neukölln. A FagDyke is looking out for a hook-up. Cruising. Soon they are spotting a cool leather dyke and follow her right away. When their eyes meet it’s clear what has to happen now — but when they find each other in an abandoned and filthy attic everything happens quite differently than expected… but super hot for sure!

FagDyke Cruising explores the boundaries between pure lust, intimacy, and trust in an anonymous sexual encounter with BDSM dynamics, celebrating the thrill of lesbian cruising in the Berlin leather scene and the visibility of non-binary and aging bodies, which are not often represented even in queer porn.

Watch FagDyke Cruising


Doing It Again: Bound by Borders

Doing It Again: Bound by Borders

When Bryn Dagger’s visa expires and she is forced to return home to Toronto, she and her lover Tobi Hill-Meyer struggle to deal with the distance. Discussing their relationship, discrimination, and barriers to having their relationship recognized by their governments, they erupt into a whirlwind of passion, desire, and longing when they finally get to see each other after more than six months apart.

This ‘docu-porn’ is from the Doing it Ourselves: Trans Women Porn Project, created and directed by filmmaker Tobi Hill-Meyer of Handbasket Productions. After many years of being unavailable online, in 2020 several lost episodes depicting trans women’s sexuality are now available.

Watch Doing It Again: Bound by Borders


Pansexual Public Porn aka The Adventures of Hans & Del

Pansexual Public Porn aka The Adventures of Hans & Del

The renowned cultural producer and photographer (known as Del LaGrace) has succeeded in making a fascinating porno-documentary that pushes the boundaries of sexual definition and practice. Hans and Del have changed their sexual and gender identities.

“Pansexual Public Porn is a pornographic FTM home video filmed live in a British gay cruising site.”
~ Frameline 22

This 1996 iconic trans-masculine porn classic is now available online exclusively on PinkLabel.tv.

Watch Pansexual Public Porn aka The Adventures of Hans & Del


Ritual Waves

Ritual Waves

A film centered in ritualistic practices of healing through sexual agency, Ritual Waves claims for a space of introspection and celebration through autoeroticism, with water as an element of strength, depth, and resilience through fluidity.

Ritual Waves has been primarily conceived as an exercise of healing through affirmation. This is especially important from the perspective of a queer person of color, because we often lack the spaces for doing so. We usually exist in environments often devised and under scrutiny of a white heteropatriarchal gaze that places limited value to bodies of colour only by virtue of their productivity.

Watch Ritual Waves




Forrest and Mysti gargle down a mysterious potion inside of an abandoned haunted house in Brooklyn. The serum infiltrates their brains causing campy, surrealistic hallucinations of creatures who don’t make their escape easy.

Director Maximus Skaff of 422Luxe is one to watch, weaving porn that reflects queer and trans sexualities with stories and twists on classic tales.



Mes Chéris

Mes Chéris

Part documentary, part pornography, Mes Chéris is a transboi’s farewell to his boobs.

One month before his mastectomy, Jamal Phoenix takes on the role of Chéri, a character modeled after his experiences as a Fierce Fem sex worker. This raunchy tribute subverts straight porn tropes and mainstream trans* representation in a radical act of self-love. Produced by Buttermilk Films.

Watch Mes Chéris


Veux Moi

Veux Moi

SHE is a single woman, almost 30 years old, who listens to her sexual drive and quenches her sexual urges. She eats when she’s hungry, she fucks when she wants or needs it. She is satisfied with this lifestyle, even though the idea of having only one partner unsettle her mind. Then SHE meets HIM.

Directed by Bambi Rainotte, the feature film “Veux Moi” follows the story of a woman searching for sexuality without shame. In French with English Subtitles

Watch Veux Moi


Eat Me Outside

Eat Me Outside

In Eat Me Outside, two lovers enjoy a hot session of pussy worship on a balcony overlooking a busy street in Colombia!

Directed by producer-performer duo BeyonDeep, which debuted this year spreading love, empowerment and exploring artistic boundaries through their kinky, Black, queer media productions.

Watch Eat Me Outside




SIDES OF A LAKE is dedicated to the topic of masturbation. It asks about motivations and feelings and shows masturbation as self-centered and externally procured act – and of course it asks how to showcase masturbation in film. SIDES OF A LAKE gives a threefold answer, showing its protagonists at a lake in the light of an ending summer.

Directed by Paul Stümke for Feuer Zeug and starring Gerald Ross, Lola, Queen P, the film presents a dreamy portrayal of sexual discovery.



The Silent Witness

The Silent Witness

After months of being isolated and lonely, Jamal Phoenix and Manon Praline finally decide to meet. They get together in a strange and dimly lit environment, with only a strap-on, some lube, and a cute stuffed tiger for company, and their desires soon overcome them. They cut each others’ clothes off with scissors and fuck on the bed under the blue light.

Directed by Torri Lisek of Insatiable Pictures and starring performers Jamal Phoenix and Manon Praline, The Silent Witness is a sexy and witty film and a stunning example of trans-made porn.

Watch The Silent Witness


The Sad Girls of the Mountains

The Sad Girls of the Mountains // Die traurigen Mädchen aus den Bergen

A clan of four young girls has retreated to a hut in the distant mountains to turn their backs on the world. They celebrate their own sadness as an act of resistance against patriarchy and finance their isolated existence through homemade pornography which they sell online. Excess money is donated to support Kurdish female militias in purchasing weapons. Just when everything seems to be going fine, the arrival of two gonzo reporters threatens to upset the fragile balance of this feminist micro-utopia.

This unique explicit mocu-mentary deals with the current state of feminist discourse with irony and wit. Read more in our blog spotlight.

Watch The Sad Girls of the Mountains




You could say that tradition and established institutions lie at the core of HardWerk Pictures new film BRIDE GANG: Kali Sudhra as the soon-to-be newlywed in her virginal white wedding dress, rattling pinball machines, nicotine-stained-and-deep-rooted machismo and lackadaisical regulars of the typical German Eckkneipe (corner bar)… You could say that, of course, but it comes as no surprise that the associated tropes and clichés become a playground for subversion in this inspired piece of smut.

The filmmakers give porn itself, entrenched in convention, the same treatment, queering the heteronormativity of the “gang bang” and pushing the genre into an amalgamation of inspirations and aesthetics that elevate it on every level. This might not be your dream wedding day… but it’s definitely the one you fantasize about. Read more in our blog spotlight.



Chemistry Eases the Pain

Chemistry Eases the Pain

Frankie is set on her college path with a supportive Mom and tight-knit circle of queer friends. But the laws of attraction have other plans when she catches feelings for her Chemistry study-partner, Matt. Internalized bi-phobia runs deep, and soon Frankie must confront her ambivalence about her desires and fears of being rejected by her community. Which will she choose: Love or her pride?

“The beauty of the queer experience is that we have an opportunity and space to define ourselves — but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Chemistry is a humorous and heartfelt look at the struggle of change.” ~ Shine Louise Houston

Written and directed by Shine Louise Houston of Pink and White Productions, Chemistry Eases the Pain premiered on PinkLabel.TV in the summer of 2020 and has received multiple industry nominations, including Best Lead for actress Lotus Lain. Read more in our PornClub Reviews.

Watch Chemistry Eases the Pain


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