FILM BUFFS: Ms. Naughty’s Must-See Films (“all of them prove that I’m not a film buff, just a nerd.”)

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Porn isn’t made in a vacuum. Like any other film genre, pornography takes cues and inspiration from other cinematic works. What Hollywood and independent films inspire today’s porn directors? We’ve tapped some of PinkLabel.tv’s filmmakers to see what they watch, starting with Ms. Naughty.


I’ve never been a “serious” film buff. I’m probably more a fan of genre films than serious arthouse/important movies. So my list is more of a “favourite movie” list:

Blade Runner – I never get sick of it. Film noir in a dystopian future, Daryl Hannah in suspenders, Rutger Hauer ad-libbing some of the greatest lines in history. And sexy sexy Harrison Ford.

The Life of Brian – The funniest film ever made. Yes, I can quote every line of it. The commentary on religious fanaticism & divisions within leftist movements is still relevant. And I still laugh at “Biggus Dickus.”

The Rocky Horror Picture Show – Don’t dream it, be it. I saw Tim Curry in tights when I was nine and he made me feel kinda funny. Love this film.

Groundhog Day – The more I watch it (and I’ve watched it a lot), the more I think this is one of the more perfect films. Beautifully written and paced, existential and funny. If only it didn’t have Andi McDowell.

The Empire Strikes Back – I’m a Star Wars nerd. It has Princess Leia at her most feisty and Yoda insisting that one must do, or do not, there is no try. It’s the best-written of the three films and the most meaningful.

Lord of the Rings Trilogy – The last word in epic filmmaking and attention to detail.

The Terminator – I can’t justify this, I’ve just loved it since I first saw it.

Labyrinth – Jim Henson was my magical TV parent when I was younger and I cherish everything he did. Labyrinth has got David Bowie in tights sharing somewhat inappropriate sexual tension with a teenage girl. And as a teenage girl, I adored it. Also, it upsets Christians. The Christian Analysis of Media website warns parents not to let kids watch this film due to sexual immorality, specifically “ghosting of male anatomy through thin clothing, repeatedly”.

There’s a bunch more (Highlander, The Blues Brothers, Top Secret, Back to the Future)… all of them prove that I’m not a film buff, just a nerd.


I admire directors like Ridley Scott, Jane Campion (I love The Piano), Peter Jackson, and James Cameron, and I’ve studied their work as examples of excellent filmmaking but when it comes to me trying to do it myself, the reality of low-budget porn filmmaking means that a lot of theory and high ideals go out the window.

The one non-porn director I would say has inspired me is a UK filmmaker called Chris Jones, author of The Guerilla Filmmakers Handbook. I did a 2 day course with Chris a few years ago and he was the one who put the bomb under me. His advice, guidance and inspiration has meant that I’ve swallowed my fears and just gone out and done it, even if it’s not perfect.

When it comes to porn directors, I look to Candida Royalle, Erika Lust, and Petra Joy. Their work inspires me.


I’m thinking Johnny Depp in pirate costume and Kate Winslet, curvy and wonderful in Titanic costume. She jumps off the ship, lands on the Black Pearl, cue the sexytimes. Throw in a bi MMF threesome with Jason Momoa from Game of Thrones. And THEN add Jennifer Lawrence to the mix just to see what happens. Or perhaps I could go for an MMMF foursome with the cast from True Blood – Bill, Eric, Alcide, and Sookie.

Find more of Ms Naughty’s work on PinkLabel.tv. Her film Dear Jiz screens with Best of Cinekink in Oakland August 14th and 15th. This October, she will be featured at the Berlin PornFilmFestival’s “Filmmaker in Focus” where she will premiere her first feature film The Fantasy Project

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