25 Films to Watch for Pride

Queer Porn Films for Pride

Queer adult films are hot, but they also hold a special significance for their ability to reflect community, to validate gender expression and sexuality, and as documentation, of historical moments and landmarks. This San Francisco Pride Weekend, we’ve collected films by gay, lesbian, trans, and queer filmmakers that span vintage film and educational documentaries, classic queer porn movements, and the latest in contemporary queer adult cinematography.

Browse our list of films below, and have a safe and sexy celebration wherever you may be.

Historical and Educational

Wicked Women by Anna Brownfield

Image: Wicked Women, Poison Apple Productions

Wicked Women
Anna Brownfield

Wicked Women
When erotic magazine Wicked Women hit the stands, it turned lesbian Australia upside down and liberated lesbian sex for generations to come.

Headed by multi award wining feminist erotic filmmaker, Anna Brownfield, Poison Apple Productions is an independent film production company dedicated to making creative and occasionally unconventional films. While its main focus is to create erotic, sensual films for a demographic of females and couples, films with a truly Australian flavor that can also translate to the global market, Poison Apple continues to make highly arresting documentaries and fictional films. Working on principles of low budget filmmaking that produces high quality niche products, that can be accessed and enjoyed by all.

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Passing Strangers
Arthur J. Bressan Jr.

Passing Strangers
One of only a handful of gay independent feature films of the 1970s, Passing Strangers played at both gay film festivals and gay adult cinemas in 1974 and it won first prize at the San Francisco Erotic Film Festival. Infused with a passionate gay political sensibility, the fabric of the film conveys a visceral impression of gay liberation and the newfound activist freedom of those early post-Stonewall years. The extended sequence at the Pride march also incorporates Bressan’s historic footage of San Francisco’s first official Gay Freedom Day celebration in 1972.

A pioneer of independent gay cinema in the 1970s and ‘80s, Arthur J. Bressan, Jr. is best known for his devastating 1985 drama, Buddies (the first feature film about AIDS). Working across multiple genres including documentary, narrative, adult and short form filmmaking, Bressan’s boldness and artistry as a writer-director earned him both acclaim and controversy over the course of his decade-long filmmaking career. Bressan’s adult films include Passing Strangers, a lyrical hardcore coming out drama which earned him the Best Director Prize at the 1974 San Francisco Erotic Film Festival and Forbidden Letters, which featured acclaimed performances from young Robert Adams and legendary daddy Richard Locke. Bressan died of AIDS in 1987. The majority of his films have long been unavailable. The Bressan Project is currently undertaking efforts to preserve and make them available once again.

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Cruising Elsewhere
Ryan A White

Cruising ElsewhereWhatever happened to Wohler Beach? Oral histories and spectral pornography resurrect memories of a once legendary gay beach. Produced by nothin’ films, which creates independent films about alternative queer histories.

“Cruising Elsewhere” won the Jury Award for Best Short Film at the 2017 Tampa Bay International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.

“CRUISING ELSEWHERE is a formally daring – and thoroughly embodied – exploration of gay desire and the utopian possibility of that desire existing unabashedly in public.” – Jules Rosskam

Cruising is a major theme in queer filmmaking. Browse the cruising tag for more titles, like Todd Verow’s The End of Cruising, and Toni Karat’s FagDyke Cruising.

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Sex and the Silver Gays
Todd Verow, Charles Lum

Sex and the Silver Gays
Sex & The Silver Gays tells the idiosyncratic story of the randy NYC chapter of a national elder gay men’s organization. Amidst their flurry of elderly activities, the members also actively participate in monthly sex parties. These octogenarian orgiasts invite us to their intimate gatherings, explicitly illustrate their carnal activities, and explain to us who they are, their own shared histories, and what it means to their lives to share joyful, consensual sexual celebrations together for a long as may be possible. A great lesson for us all!

Bangor Films is a true independent studio that produces low-budget underground and experimental feature and short films.

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Pansexual Public Porn aka The Adventures of Hans & Del
Del LaGrace Volcano

Pansexual Public Porn aka The Adventures of Hans & Del
The renowned cultural producer and photographer (known as Del LaGrace) has succeeded in making a fascinating porno-documentary that pushes the boundaries of sexual definition and practice. Hans and Del have changed their sexual and gender identities. “We are two Pansexual TrannyBoys” — Opening text before title screen.

“Pansexual Public Porn is a pornographic FTM home video filmed live in a British gay cruising site.”
~ Frameline 22

Del LaGrace Volcano is a gender variant visual artist who has lived and worked in London since 1987. As lesbian photographer Della Grace s/he produced Lovebites, and as Del LaGrace Volcano, he produced The Drag King Book, with text by Judith Halberstam. Sublime Mutations includes previously unpublished work from 1990-2000. Video credits include the trilogy Pansexual Public Porn aka The Adventures of Hans & Del (1998), A Prodigal Son? (1999), and Journey Intersex (2000).

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Classic Queer Porn Landmarks


Jo in The Crash Pad

Image: The Crash Pad, Pink & White Productions

The Crash Pad
Shine Louise Houston / Pink & White Productions

The Crash Pad
Shine Louise Houston’s 2005 debut film The Crash Pad sparked a renaissance in queer-made pornography.
Starring a hip Bay Area cross-section: the sultry femme, the cute boi, the tattooed, and the pierced are all represented. How hot is this movie? Within the first seven minutes, you’re treated to double penetration with strap-ons, and it only ups the ante from there. There’s cocksucking, cuntlicking, anal fucking, rimming, squirting, masturbating, three-ways, and more.

The premise is simple: there’s a secret apartment in San Francisco, and if you’re lucky enough to be given the key, you can let yourself in… and let yourself go. Director Shine Louise Houston has become one of the leaders of the queer porn movement, and her debut film demonstrates her unparalleled sense of style, humor, and, most of all, her dedication to hot queer sex.

Winner of the “Hottest Dyke Sex Scene” from the Feminist Porn Awards. Fans will enjoy CrashPadSeries, which now boasts over 300 episodes!

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Suburban Dykes
Fatale Media

Suburban Dykes
Nina Hartley and Pepper are a suburban lesbian couple who use a phone sex service for the first time, wanting to add some playfulness to their sex life. Nina and Pepper call the phone sex service and masturbate to a scintillating fantasy by Mistress Marlayna, working themselves into a frenzy. Pleased and excited with their first success, they read through On Our Backs Magazine and decide to hire a butch from a lesbian escort service. Enter Sharon Mitchell, the butch lesbian escort, who will make dyke hearts palpitate as she takes control of satisfying both Nina and Pepper in a raw threesome orgy. For fans of lesbian-made erotic films, Suburban Dykes is a hands-down classic from Fatale Media.

We would like to thank the Outfest UCLA Legacy Project for LGBT Moving Image Preservation for providing access to the original master from which this new HD digital file was created.

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Loree Erickson

WANT weaves together sexually explicit images with everyday moments and scenes of the ableist world. It works to get people hot and poses an insightful, complex, honest, and sexy image of disability.

“My video, WANT, was the first of its kind in 2006. When I embarked on my dissertation research there were a small handful (if 2 to 3 videos can count as a handful) of queercrip porn videos produced in the spirit of community-based art projects. This work is grounded in storytelling, embodied testimony, video and other participatory crip methods that are informed by transformative justice, queer theory, disability justice and radical access.” ~ Loree Erickson

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James Darling / FTM Fucker

FTM Fucker
Sexy straight post-op trans man Dieselboi strips out of his drawers and shows off his hot cock, lubing himself up and slowly pumping himself with a handmade pump until his dick is huge and ready to stroke! He pulls at his cock and plays with his balls until he comes so many times we lost count! I’m sure you’ll be equally distracted watching this hot man get himself off!

FTM Fucker is owned, operated and directed by award-winning porn star James Darling. After receiving countless messages about where to find more hot trans guy porn, it was obvious that there was demand for FTM centric movies. While FTM stands for female to male transsexual, many performers identify simply as men or identify somewhere between or outside of the gender binary. FTM FUCKER seeks to create an environment where trans men’s sexualities and bodies are celebrated in a respectful and affirming way by providing a glimpse into the vast universe that is trans male sexuality.

Looking for more trans gay porn? Check out T-Wood Pictures and Bonus Hole Boys.

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Doing It Ourselves
Tobi Hill-Meyer / Handbasket Productions

Doing it Again
Doing it Ourselves is a hot collection of trans women and their partners of all genders engaging in sex the way they want to be represented. Starting with a group of trans women who are tired of the way that they have seen trans women portrayed in porn, this film tells the story of its own creation when the decide to, well, do it themselves.

Directed by Tobi Hill-Meyer: winner of the Emerging Filmmaker Award from the 2010 Feminist Porn Awards

Handbasket Productions is a radical, oppression aware media collective focusing on queer culture, trans experience, and sex positivity. Spanning non-fiction, fiction, and fantasy genres, we use books, zines, film, music and other art to cover a variety of topics including sex work, polyamory, racism, and queerspawn experience. Most known for Doing it Ourselves: The Trans Woman Porn Project directed by Tobi Hill-Meyer.

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Fucking Different XXX

Fucking Different XXX
Eight prominent international filmmakers (Maria Beatty, Bruce LaBruce, Jürgen Brüning, Emilie Jouvet, Manuela Kay, Kristian Petersen, Courtney Trouble, and Todd Verow) got together to present the “other” sex and their erotic adventures. Each director brings their own personal touch to diverse locations around the world: in New York, Berlin, Paris and San Francisco.

The conceptual “Fucking Different” series, produced and curated by Kristian Petersen, is about equalities, differences and clichés in the queer community. It intends to break stereotypes, create confusion, and celebrate diversity. Also see Fucking Different XXY.

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White Fur
Carnegie Velvet / Nikki Silver

White Fur
The award-winning WHITE FUR is a delightfully strange puppy play romp through an overgrown former skate park and lot in the lower bottoms, West Oakland.

Originally created as a response to a call for films for Periwinkle Cinema’s HANKY CODE ANTHOLOGY, Nikki and Carnegie chose white fur as their hanky color, representing puppy play. What they created is as much a commentary on race, ability, the power dynamics of service as a kink, as it is a speculative fiction musing on a day in the life of a Black, urban, disabled Princess Mononoke and her beloved wolf pups.

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Trans Grrrls
Courtney Trouble / TroubleFilms

Trans Grrrls
This queer porn is a smoking hot two and a half hours of cute hipster grrrl make outs, hot boy and girl costars, gender bending and blending, heavy petting, playful kink, strap ons, sex toys, oral, anal, muffing, public sex, squirting, cumming, role play, laughter -– and even a little bit of love.

Notable is a scene starring Chelsea Poe and Maxine Holloway filmed durring the San Francisco Dyke March!

Borrowing the iconic language of the riot grrrls, Courtney Trouble makes a serious statement with this sex-positive punk rock porno: trans women belong, and should be forefront, in the feminist porn movement. TROUBLEfilms hopes to add to the growing library of alternative trans porn available to the queer community, as well as show the mainstream world what can, and will, be done to improve the genre.

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New Queer Vanguards

Another Beautiful Creature

Another Beautiful Creature

Another Beautiful Creature
“Trans reproduction is the most beautiful thing.”

Part documentary, part queer porn, Another Beautiful Creature captures moments of discovery and growth that surround one trans/nonbinary couple’s experience of pregnancy during the coronavirus pandemic. Interviews and an intimate encounter bring us into the world of 8-month pregnant Jasper Lowe (he/they) and partner Poodle Mixx (they/them). The couple discusses their shifting relationships to gender and self, Jasper’s evolving body, and fucking while pregnant.

AORTA Films is an award-winning studio creating explicit, experimental queer cinema: lusty, opulent, glorious, fuckery. Currently led by Creative Director Mahx Capacity, AORTA Films produces monthly short films and long-term feature projects. Hailing from queer BDSM community and experimental performance contexts, AORTA Films works collaboratively, prioritizing safe and enthusiastically consensual working processes, centering performers across a wide range of bodies and identities.

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House of Huitlacooch

SNACK TIMESnack Time’ is a mota-haze journey through a lovers tranz narrated by Chicago based multimedia artist, AmeThyzt.

This erotic short is the second episode of the ongoing series, All You Can Eat, a collaborative film series project between House of Huitlacooch and Sarita’s Pleasure Pie Shop. The series highlights the diversity of ways that food, land, and sex connect us to community and collective healing.

House of Huitlacooch (HoH) is a QTPoC-run, QTBIPoC-centered, Chicago-based kink and BDSM collective that celebrates the vibrancy of alternative representations of sex and pleasure. As a collective, we are rooted in the belief that we are all sexual beings that are worthy of sexual healing. We envision the existence of community spaces that allow us to workshop our realities free from white-centric and hetero-centric control, and by uplifting black, brown, queer, trans, fat, immigrant, and different-abled bodies in our communities, we empower ourselves to create a gender-affirming sensual-sexual galaxy that reflects all of our fetishes and desires.

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Chemistry Eases the Pain
Shine Louise Houston / Pink and White Productions

Camera and I by Shine Louise Houston
“The beauty of the queer experience is that we have an opportunity and space to define ourselves — but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Chemistry is a humorous and heartfelt look at the struggle of change.” ~ Shine Louise Houston

Frankie is set on her college path with a supportive Mom and tight-knit circle of queer friends. But the laws of attraction have other plans when she catches feelings for her Chemistry study-partner, Matt. Internalized bi-phobia runs deep, and soon Frankie must confront her ambivalence about her desires and fears of being rejected by her community. Which will she choose: Love or her pride?

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Dirty Boots
Adam Baran

Dirty BootsThis music video for Holopaw’s “Dirty Boots” follows a sexually-charged day in the life of a gay biker gang in Brooklyn. They awake in a tangle of leather, then suit up and ride to an underground sex club to initiate new members. Boundaries are pushed, but the boys find love, family and the unexpected.

Featuring a diverse range of queer Brooklynites and stars, including iconic adult performer Dominic Fournier also known as ABeardedBoy and narration by legendary porn god Peter Berlin, Dirty Boots is an imaginary transposing of gay motorcycle culture to a queer Brooklyn community. The video draws visual inspiration from the gay motorcycle club subculture, as well as the films of Kenneth Anger and the photography of Karlheinz Weinberger.

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Max Disgrace

Leather-clad Lina Bembe is cruising in a shadowy, eerie London cemetery; Max Disgrace is eager to touch and must be broken into submission.

Tribute, created by co-conspirators Lina Bembe and Max Disgrace, invokes a queer past in to re-imagine a queer future, and was made in direct response to a lesbian film from 90’s London. At a time when physical spaces for dykes to freely express their sexuality in London is scarce, Tribute is a materialization of this fantasy space in film form, enacted in the same historic cruising ground featured in the film it took inspiration from, in Stoke Newington.

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Loved Him

Loved Him
The two lovers you’ll meet in this video got together one cold day in November 2020 — right at the height of a global pandemic — to fuck for a purpose: The memory of their friends who had died… not in the current pandemic, but in the one before.

We have come a long way as a culture of gay men, who lost so many members of our community between 1982 and the present day. Some say that when we’ve learned what we needed to learn from a trauma or challenge, it passes; whatever we didn’t fully learn or integrate comes up again in the form of a new challenge. What have we learned as a culture of gay men who witnessed the loss of so many friends?

What have we learned… and what do we still have left to learn now? Tantra, ultimately, is a marriage of opposites.

The video you’re about to see stands as hard evidence that we’re not done grieving, yet it also stands as a perhaps unprecedented testimony to the REALITY that even the deepest well of grief—when properly acknowledged and embraced—can become a wellspring for joyful, ecstatic sexual fun and deep, soulful erotic connection. Video concept by Brad Amberheart.

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Mes Chéris
Ethan Folk and Ty Wardwell / Buttermilk Films

Mes Chéris
Part documentary, part pornography, Mes Chéris is a transboi’s farewell to his boobs.

One month before his mastectomy, Jamal Phoenix takes on the role of Chéri, a character modeled after his experiences as a Fierce Fem sex worker. This raunchy tribute subverts straight porn tropes and mainstream trans* representation in a radical act of self-love.

Winner Best Short Film SECS Fest, Audience Award Lustsreifen Film Festival, BEST IN SHOW Hump Film Festival, and winner of the 2020 Porny Shorts Award.

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Rubber Thembo
Colorblock Films

Rubber Thembo
Azalea Trix (they/she) and LT Hawk (they/them) revel in the sensations of tight latex, slippery lube, powerful vibrations, tingly spanks, and the headiness of one person controlling another’s breathing.

ColorBlock Films is an independent adult film studio by and for LGBTQIA+ humans. Azalea Trix is a firm believer in porn as transgressive, political, and an essential part of sex education. The reality of the abysmal United States sex education system means many people, especially young queer people, turn to porn as their source of sex education. When they do, we need to provide responsible content. We cannot overlook the power of porn to normalize safer sex practices, model consent, demonstrate safe kink behavior and de-stigmatize queer kinky sexuality. ColorBlock Films celebrates sexuality in its myriad forms while centering the experiences of LGBTQIA+ BIPOC, disabled and neuro-divergent folks, and bodies of all sizes.

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Bishop, Dante and Ursinae in a cycle of fluid power dynamics.

As the alchemical ouroboros serpent eating its own tail, the integration and assimilation of the opposites, the beginning and the end, an eternal circle of pleasure. Three persons of different genders, a triangular reciprocality of sexual push and pull, rough and tender threesome, fighting, playing, switching.

Vespéral is an indie film project from France, ran by queer performer and artist Ursinae, aiming to explore visual poetry and porn.

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Mommy a La Mode
Drip Films

Mommy a la Mode
It’s a desperately hot day and predatory milf Cat Gold has their eye set on the ice cream girl Lola’s gorgeous hands. Mommy knows what they want and is prepared to make a mess while getting it. Our very good girl Lola will surely never be the same after learning for the first time how to please her Mommy, wrist deep.

Drip Films is a queer smut project making hot, perverted, messy, silly, dreamy, gay porn for freaks everywhere in hopes that the world may become more sexually expressive and expansive in desire.

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The French Boys
Genevieve Kuzak

French Boys
The French Boys is a trans masculine erotic film featuring two trans boys that depicts the sexual fantasy of an unnamed narrator as they masturbate to fall asleep.

Genevieve Kuzak is a self-taught photographer, videographer, media editor and writer. His work explores elements of pornography, mental illness, gay and lesbian sexuality, butch masculinity and the darkness of the internet. He was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan but spent his childhood in Iwakuni, Japan. This exposure to different cultures at an early age, combined with his experiences as a gender nonconforming child, helped cement an understanding of social norms to be arbitrary and constantly changing. Genevieve’s work was born on Tumblr, mimicking the aesthetic of a depressed and queer generation. This evolved into a narrative portraying the artist’s subjects as characters in visceral fantasy worlds. Genevieve is currently studying programming and hopes to incorporate more elements of code into his artistic work. Notable influences include Dennis Cooper, Larry Clark, Ana Mendieta, and the poet Dylan Thomas.

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Nicky Miller

A fisherman is at the lake when a beautiful young man gets into the water. Fascinated by him, the fisherman begins an idyllic sexual trip into nature.

Nicky Miller is a Berlin based genderqueer interdisciplinary artist specializing in film, performance art and creative writing. Originally born in Paris, France and of Vietnamese origins, Nicky has lived and worked extensively in New York City, and Brussels.

LGTBQ+ sexualities and identities are at the core of Nicky’s work. Never afraid of tacking politically sensitive topics or hard issues such as sex-work, fetishism, BDSM and queer sex practices. Their work offers a hallucinative escape from the norms of the society through the desires and sexual emancipation of their characters. Challenging normative structures and conventional thinking, Nicky’s work is redefining society’s perception of queer identities.

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Hungry for more?

There’s plenty more where this came from! Browse our categories for more films celebrating LGBTQ+ sexuality. This list is just a taste of films created by queer creators. Hundreds of creators are making content online, and we’re thrilled to see more and more films presented at film festivals around the world. For more selections, browse our collections and guides:

For more, search through tags (postoppornbonusholeboysbisexual, and T4T are a few) and click on the studios and performer tags for more films by these talented creators. Thank you for viewing and supporting queer filmmakers so that more can be made!

Featured films in main image: Want, The Crash Pad, Blümchensex (Fucking Different XXX), Wicked Women, Another Beautiful Creature, and Loved Him.

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