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PinkLabel.tv’s newest studio is making waves. Spearheaded by Feminist Porn Awards Heartthrob Morgana Muses, each video seems to reflect a milestone in Morgana’s personal journey of sexual exploration. We interviewed her to learn more about her vision and aspirations.

Your company is called Permission4Pleasure. How did you come to find ‘permission’ for your pleasure, and how do your films create opportunities for others who seek their own?

I was raised to believe that my gender carried certain expectations in how I dressed, behaved and what my role/purpose in life was. I tried my best to be the dutiful daughter, wife, mother and member of the community – but it came at the expense of my personal happiness and pleasure. At age 47 and 2 years after leaving my loveless and sexless marriage I realized that I had yet to explore my sexuality and enjoy my body. In particular I hadn’t had the chance to explore the more taboo and kinkier aspects that I was drawn to, because I was too ashamed and embarrassed to pursue. Not wanting to get to my ‘deathbed’ with too many regrets and disappointments was my main driving force in beginning my personal journey of discovery.

Josie Hess and Morgana Muses

It was this personal journey that led me to start writing, performing and producing erotic films. This became a way for me to document my journey, and also to provide a voice of encouragement, for people in similar situations. I want to start a dialogue on the many classic stereotypes and taboos. Dispel the expiration date on our sexual pleasure-an expiration date that society attempts to impose on sexuality, particularly for the 40+ age group.


Who or what inspires you?

I have to thank Petra Joy, for awarding me the 2012 Petra Joy Award, and encouraging me to continue to produce films. Anna Brownfield, at the beginning of my career, for taking me under her wing, and collaborating on a couple of projects in my “apprenticeship” phase. The sheer joy it is, collaborating with Josie Hess, the other half of Permission4Pleasure, proving to the world that different generations can come together, learn from and inspire each other to produce great work.

Erika Lust, Shine Louise Houston (Pink & White Productions), Ms Naughty (Bright Desire) and Michelle Flynn (Lightsouthern, Australia) are who I look up to, and feel inspired by, within the industry.

Traveling around the world, experiencing different cultures, soaking up the history, always leaves me in awe and wanting to learn and experience more from life.


What have you learned about filmmaking and what has working films taught you?

So far, what I’ve learned about filmmaking is that there is always something new to learn. Each new project I undertake is like producing my first film, working with a new ‘family’. My mind must be open for new discussions, input, responsibilities and considerations to meet everyone’s needs to the best of my ability.


How do your films reflect the milestones in your sexual explorations?

Sometimes I look at my earlier films, and wonder: who is that person? I can see my confidence growing, and I’ve become more daring in what topics/themes I want to depict. Best of all, I can see that I’m comfortable and accepting of who I really am, the path that I’m taking, all without feeling guilt, shame, or seeking prior outside approval.

Morgana Muses

Morgana, Josie, and Caritia


What’s next for you?

Apart from deciding what hair colour to try next? Haha!

Josie Hess (Cinematographer & Editor, based in Melbourne) and I will continue in our collaborating to produce films and documentaries for P4P . We undertake our first commercial project, shooting a film for Thagson (Barcelona) in March 2016, which is a great, new and exciting challenge for us.

I decided to relocate to Berlin in July 2015 and have been granted a 3-year Self Employed Artist’s Visa. Together with my friend, housemate and co-collaborator, Caritia (a lifestyle Dominant/Conscious Kink Practitioner/Artist) we’re working towards making a life together, personally, professionally, and creatively in our endeavors to promote, depict, educate, and offer experiences in the Kink/Rope/BDSM, in a positive and inclusive way.

And of course, having lots of fun, as I continue to cross off “pleasures to experience” on my never-ending bucket list!

Watch Morgana’s films with Permission4Pleasure, such as Music Box, The MechanicA Call for Help, and It’s My Birthday and I’ll Fly if I Want To.

Morgana Muses in “It’s My Birthday and I’ll Fly if I Want To”

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