PinkLabel.TV Playbill: February 2024 Highlights

The latest releases this month include our favorite creators from Italy, UK, Spain, Brazil, and the United States. Viewers can create a basic account to buy and watch individual films or subscribe to PinkLabel PLUS and gain unlimited access to over 2000 videos. These new releases are just a taste of all that our platform has to offer. Browse curated genres or use the search bar to explore! Here’s a highlight from our latest releases.

Filmmaker Spotlight: Shine Louise Houston

It’s PinkLabel.TV’s creator Shine Louise Houston’s birth month! What better occasion to celebrate a selection of our prolific director’s films here, and be sure to check out her large body of work with queer porn studio CrashPad Series, fetish wrestling site Tickle Takedown, and masculine appreciation project Heavenly Spire. For curious new filmmakers, she has also put together a Crash Course with helpful videos on lighting, scriptwriting, budgeting and more. And don’t forget her 2005 debut title, The Crash Pad.

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February New Releases Highlights

Bend Over Boyfriend 2
by S.I.R. Productions

Advanced male anal sex, role playing, and a lot of female pleasure as women strap it on and bring their guys to orgasmic bliss! Four couples and a threesome explore male anal pleasure fantasies in this knock-‘em-dead sequel to Bend Over Boyfriend.

BOB 2 features intense chemistry between real partners, honest communication, and dirty talk! More hot strap-on action than before, with pony boys, Carol Queen – and AVN’s 1999 Best Performing Actress Chloe packin’ it. 

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From Gonella Productions

Alma is a woman in her thirties who is not yet certain that she has experienced an orgasm. After escaping abuses and frustrations in relationships, she decides to ignore social and family expectations to explore her desires.

A non-explicit heavy storyline film from Venezuela. 

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Handsome Treat Morgan stars as a wealthy doctor recounting his days in medical school, funded by his escorting business. He tells tales of former clients, ranging from a wild guy in leather, a condescending older businessman with a thing for toys, a gentle guy new to gay sex, and more.

The first narrative feature by Black Forest Productions and director Dwight Antoine!

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Orgy #004: Fuck Your Friends
Aorta Films

Dulce, Dee, Oran, and Priestex can make their own fun.

Friends that play together, stay together. While getting ready to go out to a play party, Dulce, Dee, Oran, and Priestex can’t help but wonder, “…are there going to be any other Black people there?” Opting for the hotness of a four-way friend fuck, the foursome plays show-and-tell with their favorite toys and end up riding, fucking, beating, sucking, and worshipping each other all evening long.

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I Really Want to Get Fucked
by Ex-Lesbian Productions

A non-binary trans man of color’s journey and reflections on sex work, trauma, not being able to get penetrated, and all the complications that come with it.

Robin Astera’s powerful debut film strikes a fine balance as both an intimate video diary about healing from sexual trauma, and a hungry call of desire. Recounting gender and racial stereotypes in sex work and queer community, the short film deftly tackles the introspection on one’s sexual past, present, and future.

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Puss on Boots
by Ex-Lesbian Productions

Socially awkward Ysabelle (Yiming Curiosity) has always preferred horses to people, but something about the strangers intrigued her since they arrived at Hampton Hall, especially free-spirited Moonchild. After a morning ride, Ysabelle is sitting outside cleaning her riding boots when Moonchild joins her to help. They sneak playful glances at each other and decide to take things indoors.

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House of Woland
by Permission4Pleasure

Morgana Muses returns in a decadent romp to the House of Woland. A mysterious house where the Duke and Duchess of Woland take care of Morgana’s every fantasy, from spanking to strap-ons, french poetry to fucking… and everything in between.

A Lynchian exploration of BDSM, this film hits all the marks: praise and discipline, representation of older kinksters, and pre-scene negotiation including discussion of “traffic lights” communication and safewords. A skillful depiction of BDSM that is as whimsical as it is hot! 

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Fetiches: Wet Clothes
by Permission4Pleasure

Gaúcho Tatuado and André start their session standing under the shower wearing white cotton clothing. As the water falls onto their bodies, the clothing becomes transparent and a wet and horny hook-up takes place.

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Disco Thicc
by Atomic Cheesecake Productions

April Flores explores self-pleasure in a vintage aesthetic.

We love this glitch art VHS-style dance celebration of an industry icon!

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Pura Pantalla (Pure Screen)
From Gonella Productions

Defeated by his introversion, Sergio decides to generate his own fantasy with Laura, through a plan that combines imagination, libido and technology.

This short film seeks to explore the line between fantasy and reality, a line that has become increasingly blurred and difficult to identify. The story plays with the juxtaposition of the image of the computer, introducing images of sex, highlighting that the biggest Internet consumption goes to pornography.

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