QUEER VANGUARDS REVIEW: “Crash Pad Series, Volume 1”

Crash Pad Series, Volume 1

Review by Domina Doll

In 2005, director Shine Louise Houston quit her day job selling dildos and made her virgin debut into lesbian porn with Crash Pad from Pink and White Productions. According to SFGate columnist Violet Blue, Shine “had a hard time recommending good lesbian porn when she worked at Good Vibes — because there wasn’t much of it.”

Shine Louise Houston is back with Crash Pad Series, Volume 1 (2007), winner of the 2008 Feminist Porn Award for Hottest Dyke Film. Volume 1, which follows the same premise as the original film, includes performances by the hottest gender/queer dyke porn stars in the alt porn industry: Jiz Lee and Shawn aka (Syd Blakovich).

The Crash Pad Series revolves around a loosely structured narrative. There is a secret apartment in San Francisco where grrls and bois meet for clandestine encounters to get it on– that is– those fortunate enough who hold the key. What follows is a series of vignettes between five queer couples who share authentic moments of passion together fucking, sucking, fisting, and juicy pussy banging for our voyeuristic pleasure, and their own. However, we are not the only spectators. Director Shine cameos as the behind-the-scenes proprietor of this seedy crash pad who observes the lesbian fuckfest from hidden cameras placed around the pad. Some of the couples are real life sex partners and their chemistry and inhibitions make for sizzling sex scenes of outrageously raw fuckery. Don’t get too close to your screen or you could get drenched.

Episode 1: Dylan Ryan & Trucker Cash

Dylan plays a femme in pigtails and Trucker is a “Rebel without a cause” handsome butch. They are real life lovers and their scene is fast and furious after a short warm up. Trucker tops Dylan, eating pussy and fisting her hard as Dylan moans frantically. Trucker forces Dylan to suck her strap-on cock teasing, “Now?” while compelling her to beg to be fucked. Their performance moves from playful flirting to hardcore fisting until Dylan convulses in orgasm again and again. Trucker displays skills as a cunninglingus expert while Dylan’s vocalizations make for a sexy and passionate scene.

Episode 2: Johnny Love & Trouble Royale (Courtney Trouble)

Trouble is a disco rock queen and Johnny an androgynous bio who take turns fisting each other. Although Trouble seems enthusiastic, this scene never really takes off for me and lacks the same chemistry and sizzle that the other performers in the film share. Some of the camera angles are a bit awkward and Johnny’s performance does not come across on screen.

Episode 3: Skye & Stacy Staxxx

Skye and Stacy are two hot femme rebel rocker grrls. Their scene starts very playful with tickling and spanking, but soon looses momentum with too many starts and stops in the sex play. The scene stops rather abruptly and I’m not sure who got off, which is too bad as it had potential.

Episode 4: Princess Donna & Jake
Princess Donna—porn star and director for Kink.com—is a voluptuous femme and Jake is a cute butch top well versed in the art of making girls squirm with orgasm. Both like to play rough and the action takes off right from the start. The scene begins as Jake leads a blindfolded Donna into the kitchen and rubs ice over her body, her pussy, and then commands her eat it. Jake pushes Donna over to a counter and cuts off her panties with a knife. The scene features excellent pussy eating, finger fucking, fisting, spanking and playful to hard rough sex, which never looses intensity until the final climax. This scene more than makes up for the previous two and the chemistry is super hot between the performers, escalating in a screaming orgasm for Donna. You’ll have a hard time getting through this scene with out getting wet and seriously turned on. This scene is my new fav masturbation material and if Jake and Donna every want a three-way, I’m so there!

Episode 5: Jiz Lee & Shawn (Syd Blakovich)
Syd Blakovich & Jiz Lee Arm Wrestle
Real life lovers Jiz Lee and Shawn (aka Syd Blakovich) are two playful bois whose intimacy onscreen really comes across as authentic. The scene starts off playfully with Jiz jumping on the bed, then an arm wrestle that Jiz wins by kissing Shawn so she’ll let down her guard. Shawn is the aggressor of the two who sucks and fists Jiz with expert fisting techniques including two hands at once. The intensity in their eyes tell it all as their passion for each other ignites the screen, and Jiz says “Kiss me” as they come. Jiz then returns the favor as Shawn silently screams, grunts and gushes towards ecstasy.

Crash Pad Series, Volume 1 includes trailers, director’s interview and commentary as well as outtakes which I really enjoyed. The production quality and editing are seamless, which are a testament to Shine’s background and skill in filmmaking. Authentic performances by real dykes makes this film a must see for women who want real girl-boi porn by dykes who like to fuck hard and fast. Crash Pad is the new queer hot spot where all the girls will want to hang-out—but only if they can find the key.


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