QUEER VANGUARDS REVIEW: Crash Pad Series Volume 4

Crash Pad Series Volume 4
By Domina Doll

If you’ve read my other reviews of Pink and White films and the Crash Pad Series, you will know that I love/lust these films. Each film is different and offers something unique and diverse, which to me is what independent porn is all about. Sure, if you have a great formula (and Pink & White does) serve it up again and again, but it is always cool to try something a bit different too and throw that into the mix.

What’s different about Volume 4? Well, there’s a lot more Top/bottom D/s play in this film, more so that the others, which is super fucking hot. I love girls/bois/femmes/dykes getting it on hardcore and real, but I especially love it when a bit of domination is thrown in for good measure. It creates a whole new dynamic in the sex, which for me makes it sizzle. And, look forward to some new faces as well!

Here’s the Scene-by-Scene Play

Scene 1- Brooklyn Flaco and C.

Okay. I loved C in Real Lesbian Life by Madison Young, and she is really hot here too. Both C and Brooklyn boyishly femme, although C much more so. Brooklyn has amazing tattoos including a wicked back piece. Both are slender built, although C much more curvy. I loved Brooklyn’s cute superhero undies too. The sex, well was a bit, subdued. I like a lot of enthusiasm in a sex scene that is auditory, ie: moans, fuck-me-harder, screaming, what-have-you, as long as it is real. This scene was pretty quiet, so I couldn’t get into it as much as I would have liked. The sex is pretty ordinary as well, just hands and fisting, no oral or toys, so I would have liked to see a bit more diverse play between them. Not a bad scene, just didn’t sizzle.

Scene 2- Jiz Lee and Dallas.

Jiz Lee is always amazing and such a pro. I love Dallas too, and she was really hot with Syd Blakovich in Champion. Both are boyish, slender, gender-bending dykes. I guess Dallas was having a hard time being topped in this scene and was feeling the pressure to orgasm, so switched it around and topped Jiz. This is totally cool, because for me the dynamics seem to fit better. The two wrestle around a lot, but Dallas takes the lead and fists Jiz to a squirting orgasm which is one of Jiz’s amazing talents. Pretty hot scene overall.

Scene 3- Sadie Lune and Tricksie Treat.

Sadie and Tricksie are new to the Crash Pad. Sadie plays the Top and Tricksie the bottom. The scene starts a bit awkward as they “role play” with Tricksie playing the bottom who doesn’t want to be punished. Lots of talk going on in the scene, but it takes a while to heat up. About mid-way, they forget the “play” and the sex becomes more real, so it does get pretty good by the end. Tricksie rides Sadie’s cock, straddling her hips and gives herself a huge orgasm with the help of a Hitachi Magic Wand Vibrator. The orgasm is pretty powerful and very real. I like the end where Sadie brings Tricksie back down to earth by kind-of grounding her, then a great after-care cuddle session. Not bad for a first time porn scene together.

Scene 4- Dylan Ryan & Trucker Cash

Dylan Ryan & trucker

Scene 5- Ex and Muscle Beach

Saving the best for last! This is the scene on the cover of Volume 4 and is really fucking amazing. It is so different than anything I’ve seen so far: so fun and natural. Ex is a nasty femme Daddy bitch Top. However, as nasty as they gets, they are totally playful, fun and laughing the whole way. Their enthusiasm and pleasure is contagious. Muscle Beach — okay, super drool factor here. A boi with a Daddy fetish and love for nasty pain mixed pleasure. MB is late and needs to be punished. They think of a couple sorry excuses before coming clean and telling the truth. Although they are long-time lovers, their play comes across as spontaneous and unscripted. Ex is very savvy as a Top and experienced, with a hell of a confident vibrato. MB is submissive, but also a bit bratty, so definitely deserving of their whacks. Features excellent rope-play, spanking, pounding, nipple torture, humiliation, outstanding scene dynamics and is so fun and playful, it will leave you laughing. It will also surprise you as well. This is their first scene together in a porn film and I really hope they do more. Fantastic scene!

Okay. So that’s the scoop on Crash Pad Series Volume 4. New faces (and hot bodies) with a mix of some D/s. Lots of fun and something for everyone. One of the best in the series so far.

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