QUEER VANGUARDS REVIEW: Crash Pad Series Volume 5

Crash Pad Series, Volume 5: The Revolving Door
Review by Domina Doll

Crash Pad Series, Volume 5: The Revolving Door is the kinkiest of the Crash Pad Series so far and features lots of plays of dominance, submissive power struggles, switching and hardcore sex. The cast consists of hot gender-fucking freaks, femmes-dykes, alt-queers, bois, butches, trans-men and even a surprise ending between Crash Pad crush Shawn (Syd Blakovich) and a cisgendered man. With five scenes, various top/bottom scenarios, diverse body-types and looks, there is plenty of hot queer kinky porn for everyone.

Scene 1- August and Stacy Staxxx

August & Stacey Staxxx

Its August’s birthday and Stacy Staxxx throws her a hot party, with herself as the gift. Stacy is a stacked, hot, alt-nymphet and August is a cute alt-dyke, both with nice tats. Stacy begins by dripping birthday candle wax on August, and then ties her wrists to the bed. Stacy then fucks herself on August’s faux cock. The pair switch positions and August takes control, binding Stacy wrists, and then fingering her. They end with August fucking Stacy doggie-style until she whimpers and moans in orgasm. Sexy!

Scene 2- Rex and Scarlett Chaos

Rex and Scarlett Chaos (aka Essin’ Em) meet up for some femme/dyke action. Scarlett is bodacious and a Rex is very cute boi-dyke. They make a good pair together and the scene has a lot of playful chemistry. We start out with some spanking and some very passionate necking, and then Scarlett gets naughty and struggles a bit for dominance. She’s what I call a SAM (smart-assed Masochist), who likes to be a saucy bottom. But, Rex won’t have any of that and cuffs her to the bed post. Rex uses a pinwheel on her, and then starts to finger her. Scarlett pleads, “Please fuck me,” which Rex does hardcore and gives her a screaming orgasm that breaks the sound barrier. Scarlett reciprocates by giving Rex’s strap-on dick a wicked blowjob (something she does quite well). Rex fucks her until she screams again, making for a hot, playful scene!

Scene 3- Red and Cyd

Cyd  & Red Jackhammer

Red’s a hot alt-femme-boi with killer tits and tats, and Cyd’s a playful transguy. Cyd is the obvious bottom but likes a good struggle. It doesn’t take long for Red to put him in his place though as she slaps his face, makes him suck cock, degrades him and calls him pain-slut and faggot. There’s some chest punching, ass spanking, bondage, gagging, and all around rough play. However, the scene remains pretty playful. Red ass fingers Cyd, and then fucks him. Later Cyd eats Red out and fingers her until she comes. Then Cyd gets fingered and bites his hand as he orgasms. Great chemistry!

Scene 4- Kuma and Julie Warren

Kuma and Julie appear to be a couple, or at least frequent play partners. Kuma is a bald, bearded trans leather daddy with lots of tattoos including a cool back piece. Julie is a voluptuous bottom and Daddy’s good little girl. Kuma’s quite a loving sadist and amazingly skilled at percussion. He wields two-fisted floggers on Julie’s back then her breasts. Then it’s on to the nasty canes that leave nice red stripes on Julie’s thighs. Julie then gets to suck Kumo’s cock for being “such a good girl” and is later fucked and fisted, until she asks permission to come. Yes sir, thank you sir!

Scene 5- Shawn and Mickey Mod

For many films I don’t like to read about them, or even read the covers before I watch them, as it takes away some of the freshness and element of surprise. Well, I was surprised when I saw this obvious cisgender guy sitting waiting on a bed for someone to arrive. And, who walks in? Crash Pad boi-crush Shawn (aka Syd Blakovich). I’m floored and wonder how this is going to play out. Mickey immediately takes the bottom role and starts sucking Shawn’s cock. So, I think maybe this scene has a chance. Then Mickey fingers Shawn while she sucks his bio-dick, and they make-out all sweaty and hot, and finally Shawn squirts in Mickey’s face as he comes. Pretty feverish scene, and like Shawn says during the credits “if someone’s attractive, they’re attractive, and gender isn’t something you see with your eyes anyway.” So while I was surprised to see Shawn with a guy, the scene works and is definitely hot.

There wasn’t one scene in the film that didn’t interest or excite me in some way. I loved all the kinky exploration and playful S/m. All the scenes had a nice build-up of momentum and chemistry between the players. I especially loved the diverse array of bodies and shifting genders. I hope Houston keeps adding more queer kink, interesting characters and maybe adds in an orgy scene at the Crash Pad someday soon.


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