Mondo Fetiche in Focus: Adult Filmmaker Carlos Deth shares his queer porn influences!

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Mondo Fetiche in Focus

Adult Filmmaker Carlos Deth shares his queer porn influences!

Thursday, June 17th at 5:00pm Pacific

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Filmmaker Carlos Deth of Mondo Fetiche screens the films that inspired him to become a pornographer and start his artcore porn. Join us as we watch films by iconic fetish filmmaker Maria Beatty, 90’s lesbian sex club culture found in Fatale Media’s Safe is Desire, contemporary queer BDSM house Foxhouse Films, and 70’s gay porn like Richard Abel’s “Nights in Black Leather” starring Peter Berlin. We’ll conclude with Deth’s own work. This unique, one-night-only presentation offers a rare chance for queer porn and fetish fans to get up close and personal. Hosted by PinkLabel.tv’s very own creator and curator Shine Louise Houston.


Films in Focus

The Seven Deadly Sins (18 min excerpt, Maria Beatty, 2002)

Caught in the act of coveting her mistress’ position as a notorious exotic dancer, a young maid must submit to her sadism and her lust. Her perfect body is made the theatre for a re-enactment of the lessons of Seven Deadly Sins. The mistress is an expert in the art of sensual torment, and she punishes her servant with a bewildering, intoxicating combination of graphic pleasure and delicious pain. Together they indulge in lasciviousness and intemperance, managing to violate every tenet of virtue. The mistress’ sadism is matched by the maids gluttony for punishment. Tender flesh is slapped, flogged, and clamped, all accompanied by moans of pleasure and mocking laughter. And still, the maid must serve!

This beautiful film reveals a new setting for a mistress and her young maid: the roaring 20’s when decadence was a privilege. The gorgeous combination of retro visuals and contemporary explicitness creates a fresh experience in fetish film. Maria Beatty’s movies have an elegant, old-fashioned look, like a 1920’s German art film or a naughty French postcard come to life.

Safe is Desire (15 min excerpt, Debi Sundahl/Fatale Media, 1993)
Allie and Dion are in love, but sex issues threaten their new relationship. They visit a San Francisco sex club where they see a lust-filled lesbian orgy, including a delightfully playful demonstration by the Safe Sex Sluts and other downright kinky lesbian sex. Raw lust and passion with a heart, Safe is Desire is beautifully shot, scripted and performed.

Nights in Black Leather (21 min, Richard Abel, 1973)

Peter Berlin stars as himself, a German immigrant walking around San Francisco looking for adventure. With scenes shot in North Beach, Land’s End, and all over San Francisco, Nights in Black Leather is both an exciting erotic romp and a time capsule of gay life in San Francisco circa 1973. Directed by Ignatio Rutkowski, aka Richard Abel.

Femmephilia (15 min, Alyx Fox/Foxhouse Films, 2015) 

Eugene not only appreciates femmes, she worships them. She kneels at the altar to show devotion to three very different women. Seductive Lucy with her lithe body, pale skin and jet black hair, teases the “altar boy” with her flogger before Eugene succumbs to the cruel whip of sadistic redhead Alyx. Lucy holds the leash and Alyx holds the hair as Rubenesque Clementine smothers Eugene with her breathtaking JJ cup breasts. Eugene’s tongue caresses Clementine’s huge nipples and tenderly licks the A cups of Alyx and Lucy before she is brought to the floor to be trampled by the women’s bare feet and cuban heel stockings. Finally, the trio covers Eugene with hot wax as she jerks off and cums, overwhelmed and spent by femme sexual power.

Lucifer Leather Lust (16 min, Carlos Deth/Mondo Fetiche, 2020)

This fantabulous fetish scene tells the story of Dame Damiana, a 19th century baroness who loses her husband Bartholomew to the 1819 plague, then makes a deal with the devil in order to bring him back to life!!


About Mondo Fetiche 

Mondo Fetiche celebrates the beautiful, strange, and colorful world of fetish. Inspired by arthouse and grind house cinema, our x-rated films explore identity, gender and sexuality in the most sensational way! Watch Mondo Fetiche on PinkLabel.TV.


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