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“Superfreak” is Shine Louise Houston’s award-winning film in which she cameos as the spirit of a horny Rick James who possesses the revelers at an all-girl party who go wild with sexual abandon and get their freak on. Superfreak features all the raw fuckery and authentic performances of Pink and White’s other films (Crash Pad Series), while adding an extra dash of spunk and trashy humor that makes for a sexy psychedelic sexcapade.

Scene 1: Solo Scene with Madison Young

Madison Young is a bondage porn star with her own production company Madison Bound. She is not your typical blonde silicone-enhanced porn bombshell. Her breasts are small, but real, and she has a little-girl sassy brat attitude going on in this film. Madison is lying on her couch when the spirit of Rick James possesses her and she starts to masturbate with her Hitachi, a large glass dildo and some hemp rope which she chews on like a security blanket. Madison closes her eyes and the camera crew seems to disappear as gets her mojo running and she works herself into a solo-sex-frenzy. Ultimately, she brings herself to orgasm multiple times—from half-way through the scene until the end—in what appears to be a super-heroine act of endurance.

Madison Young

Scene 2: Madison Young and Dylan Ryan

After Madison finishes her orgasmic performance she remembers there’s a hot all-girl party she wants to crash, in her insatiable quest for orgasms and sex. She enters the party—a halo of light around her, hair blowing—in a deliberate parody of cheesy romance/ girly porn flicks. All the girls turn and look and Jiz Lee (Vasa) says… Madison grabs Dylan (Crash Pad, Vol1)—a boi dyke dressed in a tie, shirt and trousers—pushes her up against the wall and starts to make out. The sex is playful and enthusiastic as the two neck, Madison sucks silicone cock, and then fucks herself upon Dylan’s lap, all while femmes and dykes dance around them. Madison plays the femme, yet she is quite aggressive in the scene and rocks Dylan’s cock off.

Scene 3: Vasa (Jiz Lee) and Shawn (Syd Blakovich)
Jiz & Syd Superfreak
If you have ever seen this real life couple get it on then you know what I mean when I say, “Holy fucking wow!” I love this scene. Jiz (Vasa) can’t get into the washroom due to hot bathroom sex going on, so goes to pee in the kitchen sink. As she finishes up, in walks Shawn with the spirit of Rick James grooving her libido. Jiz gender-bends as a sassy femme rocker chic with a blue wig, while Shawn is butch and buff. Part way during the scene, Jiz throws off their wig in a sudden gender twist and begins spraying Shawn with the water hose. The scene is both playful and intense as Shawn squirts Jiz’ pussy and devours them. The scene increases with a vehemence to raunchy abandon as Shawn fists Jiz with a unique two fisting technique. This part is amazing to watch and Shawn is the reigning fisting champion.

Scene 4: Rozen and Guy Handful

Rozen is a sexy little vixen with a skunk Mohawk and Guy Handful is her suave real life butch lover. Their scene takes place in the bathroom, explaining the hold-up. Rozen is wickedly sexy with her full breasts and tiny boy hips as Guy throws her on the floor then works her over with mouth and hands. Rozen gives Guy great head and ride her strap-on hard, reverse cowgirl-style until she comes. Lots of sizzling chemistry in this scene that makes it bathroom sex at its best.

Scene 5: Dana DeArmond, Lorelei Lee and Princess Donna

This is the scene that won “Hottest Dyke Sex Scene” at the FPA. The party is winding down and Dana and Donna (kink.com) are sitting on the couch bored, talking about splitting the scene, when along comes Lorelei, a blonde little femme all pretty in pink. “Did I miss the party?” she asks, when Dana clears the coffee table with one swoosh of her arm and throw Lorelei on the table, “No, it’s just getting started.” And, does it ever get started. Dana and Donna—the double doming duo—fondle, fuck, and fist Lorelei until she thinks she’s died and gone to dyke heaven. Finally, they DP Lorelei with their fists until she can barely take no more. By the end, she is exhausted wearing that far- away glazed look in her eyes that only a good fucking can give. Amazing scene with bonafide femme on femme on femme action. What a climatic way to end the film.

Superfreak also has a bonus disk with behind-the-scenes interviews which are excellent as the women all talk about why they enjoyed making the film. The director’s interview with Shine and director’s commentary is interesting as well. The entire film is a romping fuckfest spectacle than never loses momentum. Superfreak is a crazy intense film full of hardcore explicit sex with sexy dykes. Amusing, entertaining and super-hot.


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